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Vinnin Showcases Why He's At the "Top of the Game"

With just under two years in the music scene, Toronto rapper, songwriter, and hip-hop artist Vinnin shares his dominant and head-turning bars in a new track entitled "Top of the Game."

The 17-year-old Malayali-Tamil artist has garnered over one hundred thousand total streams across all digital streaming platforms. Vinnin and his meaningful bars have led him to become one of the most exciting, inspiring, and motivational artists to come out of the 6ix.

More recently, Vinnin released his hard-hitting single, "Top of the Game," which was noticed by NBA2K and was later featured on the NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Soundtrack. The song itself brings any listener into the heat of the moment; whether you're preparing for a big game or in need of a confidence boost, Vinnin has just the trick.

Diving into the single "Top of the Game," the track begins with an ominous keyboard arrangement that later drops into a sweltering and modern trap beat with heavy drum arrangements and an overall mysterious tone. As Vinnin makes his way in, he jumps into his bars that expand on his beaming confidence and the self-assured lifestyle he lives.

We love the heat and primal power of this track, as it boosts our energy to get up and at 'em with help from Vinnin's fierce vocal delivery and all-around poise that's equally as infectious as it is stimulating. Leading us towards the outro with incredible power and vigor, Vinnin closes the track off with nothing but an inner drive to face any adversity head-on.

Get to the "Top of the Game" with help from Vinnin's blazing single, now available to get down with on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Vinnin. We're incredibly excited to chat with you about your latest heavy-hitting single, "Top of the Game." What inspired you to write a song that leaves the listeners pumped and with boundless confidence?

"Top Of The Game" was inspired by playing the game basketball. From a young age, I have always been playing basketball and it is the only sport that has enjoyed playing. I put all my feelings and current real-life experiences into my song as well. The song talks about my passion for music and basketball, ignoring all the negativity from my life before worrying about achieving fame.

Did you create the production yourself for "Top of the Game?" Or did you work with any producers along the way?

I found a talented producer named J.Sonii, he was my producer for this track. I found his beats really unique and he caught my attention since he was an underrated producer. Thanks to the internet I was able to connect with him and get the stuff necessary for this record.

Was there a particular message or vibe you wanted to convey within your bars for "Top of the Game?"

I wanted my track: "Top Of The Game" to be a motivational and inspirational track for others. It's the type of song that you would listen to when working out, playing basketball, or gaming. It's just a hype song with a message of: You can do anything, don't listen to anyone else, stay on your grind and the ones that put you down would realize and wouldn't be putting in the work that you are putting in.

How has NBA2K helped bring awareness to your music? Have you found that getting featured on the NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Soundtrack has helped bring more recognition to your music?

Having my track in-game in NBA2K21 has gotten my name already out to millions of people that have the game. Really grateful for this opportunity as not that many artists get this type of opportunity at all. Having my track in-game has gotten me some fans and people that reached out to me from playing the game. Also having the track in their soundtrack playlist as well has been helping me collect streams around the world. I made this record when I was 16 years old, I am extremely proud of this achievement at a young age.


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