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Viral Pop Artist Summer Rios Shares Her Latest Cover, "Fingers Crossed"

Can you say powerhouse? We said it for you, as it's a necessary descriptive word for singer/songwriter Summer Rios, an artist full of nuanced, articulated, goosebump-worthy vocals.

Already singing at the young age of 4 years old, Summer Rios has always known that music was an authentic passion of hers. Fast-forward many years and Summer Rios is still completely immersed in the art of music, writing and recording her own songs under All-Star Music Group, particularly working with Dr. Luke, otherwise known as Kipp Williams. With millions of views under her belt, Summer Rios is no newbie to the performing market, as she has garnered a real comfort in going viral.

With two original singles roaming out in the music world, Summer Rios has established her musical presence lightly. Nevertheless, as we said, Summer Rios isn't inexperienced when it comes to crafting genuine and emotionally-filled music that is both full of personality and depth. One particular release we're interested in, a cover of the infamous pop-infused single "Fingers Crossed," originally written and performed by Lauren Spencer-Smith, hones into the very features of Summer Rios that make her exude such star quality.

"Fingers Crossed" has an incredible sense of emotionality smeared all over it. The lyrics are already projecting a potently-moving narrative, bringing forth a variety of themes, such as heartbreak, solitude, self-love, self-respect, and much more. Knowing the capabilities of Summer Rios, we knew this cover was going to be magical. And was it ever. Summer Rios brought even an even stronger sense of emotion to the lyrics, belting out the ballad with true ferocity. One would naturally think she had written the song herself with the personable elements she delivers so effortlessly. Summer Rios has a raw sentiment that she can easily infuse her vocals with, and this quality has her taking a stronghold on her listener's emotions. At least we knew our emotions were in control from the intimacy she intertwines into her vocal delivery.

Whether Summer Rios is performing a cover song or one of her own original releases, she is always creating a magical moment with the magic in her nuanced vocal expressions. She is truly the artist that can make you feel more than just the surface elements of a song. She makes you feel the depth of the song, including the factors that may not be so comfortable to feel. Summer Rios beautifully embodies artistry in a way that sparks inspiration, and her cover of "Fingers Crossed" was not any different.

"Fingers Crossed" was already a ballad full of various affections. Summer Rios took the popular heartbreak song and brought an even further sense of emotionality to it. We're impressed with her true artistry and seriously cannot wait to see what her original work has in store for listeners in months/years to come.

Join Summer Rios in her goosebump-serving cover of "Fingers Crossed" on digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Summer Rios. Wow! What an incredible cover of "Fingers Crossed" that you performed! What inspired you to cover this particular song? I’ve been a huge fan of Lauren Spencer Smith for a while now and once my manager and team decided our best bet was to do a cover next I instantly knew what song I want to do! Lauren has such a powerful strong voice and the notes she hit are insane and I want to try and match the energy as much as I could! Fingers Crossed hits home to me personally. When you perform covers, such as "Fingers Crossed," would you say you hone into particular life events of your own to bring such emotionality to the song, or are all of the emotions something you need to work to bring forth into the songs you sing?

When doing covers I always remember to put my full emotions and feelings into it so I can feel the song more and the viewers can feel the emotion. I always keep my personal perspective in the back of my mind so I can relate to the song more and feel each lyric. What aspect of "Fingers Crossed" and the expressions you brought to it were you hoping would resonate most with your audience?

I love the lyric where she says: “Wish you said you loved me when you didn’t have your fingers crossed” because I think that can mean a ton to many different people when it comes to just wanting to feel love and accepted. It resonates with my audience because I tend to write sad love songs so covering it was keeping my theme on track and keeping my fans and audience still hyped!

Do you see yourself crafting another cover as your next release or can listeners expect more original work in the months to come?

More original work for sure! I’ve been working on a lot of originals lately and have been in and out of the studio and booking lots of writing sessions with my producers What's next for you?

Im hoping to come out with a ton of EPs and albums within these next couple of months so be on the lookout! I’m traveling a ton soon as well.


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