Virginia Rapper ERV 100 Drops New Track "Summer 2K18"

ERV 100 is a rising rapper from Virginia who has all the right ingredients to become a sensational rap star. His new single “Summer 2k18” delivered us raw rap and witty lyricism. With a melodic piano combined with your typical hip-hop beat creates a fresh supporting instrumental for ERV 100 to spit his bars comfortably. ERV100 is a storyteller. He radiates an authentic aurora about his music where almost nothing seems fabricated or fraudulent. Substantial amount of rap and hip-hop nowadays upholds an image that isn’t necessarily genuine to the artist and I postulate ERV 100 ventures to stay clear from the transparency that’s so popular and apparent in the industry today. “Summer 2k18” is the perfect rap hit that can be played during the summers but equally digestible for all 4 seasons.

It has significant amount of elements in the song that creates a mainstream hit entirely. With good use of wordplay and punchlines, ERV 100 proved to us that rap music hinges on catchy pens! Listen to “Summer2k18” here and connect with this promising artist on his social media to stay up to date with music & news.

How did you get involved with rap? Was it something you were always natural at?

I got involved with rap a long time ago just rapping over songs on the radio and my homey was learning to record at the time. So I guess I was his starter guy lol. After that everybody thought I should get serious saying I had alot of raw talent. I would like to say it was very natural, but with alot of practice it became something that I would have never thought I would be doin right now real talk.

Can you freestyle? Do you think freestyle rapping determines if an artist can actually spit or not?

Yes I can freestyle but I prefer writing records. I wouldn't say if you cant freestyle means you cant rap. Some people minds don't work as fast as others when it comes to dropping bars that people can understand and means something ya dig.

What’s your artist interpretation of “Summer2k18” ?

My interpretation of "Summer 2k18" is about the grind, the hustle, staying focused, and being a real one. 

You stated you’d like to collaborate with certain artists like ‘Dom kennedy’, ‘Currency’, and ‘Jhene Aiko’ , If you had to select one artist right now to work with on a project who would you choose and why?

I would definitely choose Curren$y at this time. The work ethic and the style of music is definitely real and real ones like to work wit real ones. Plus its Spitta our styles mixed together on a project would be soooo dope lol.

What does rap music mean to you? Who are your biggest music influences?

Rap music to me means being real and telling your story from your life situations not speaking on others lifestyle, but your authentic experience with life. Also giving game is a must. My biggest music influences would be any artist that stayed independent and lived their life real. Not trying to go against their beliefs or morals. It's hard out here for independent artist but I salute and follow all in the likes of Ice Cube, Dom Kennedy, Nippsey Hussel, Curren$y, No Limit Records, Cash Money, the list could go on for days. 

Connect with ERV 100 on social media:

Instagram: @erv100

Twitter: @erv100