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Virtually "Falling" For Reid Zakos and His Latest Endeavors

Whenever we're graced with the sweet stylings of Alberta-based Pop artist Reid Zakos, we know he's got something new and exciting up his sleeve, and his latest announcement is no exception.

While 2020 was quite the challenging year for musicians everywhere, Reid Zakos made the most of it through releasing his debut studio album, 'Legends & Myths,' while also garnering over 100k views on YouTube. Recently releasing his smooth-sailing single, "Falling," and a follow-up remix by producer RedPanda Productions, Reid Zakos is ready to swoon listeners with his engaging live performances once again.

As we continue our venture into 2021, Reid Zakos is excited to announce his latest virtual concerts, where listeners and viewers can tune in from the comfort of their own homes. Teaming up with Live Acts Canada for his first virtual show, you can catch Reid Zakos performing within the heart of Vancouver during 'opening night' on April 9th at 8:00 pm PST.

The following shows on April 29th and 30th are a collaboration with youbloom, and will take place in Boise and Dublin. With tickets at $10.00 a pop, Reid Zakos is more than eager to get back into the live performing groove and take his crowd for an exciting ride once again.

Tickets for Zakos' first show, "Little Mountain COVID Concert Series IV," are available at - while tickets for the follow-up concerts are available at

What inspired you to get back into the swing of live performing once again?

Well, this pandemic has been hard for everyone - there's no denying that - but artists especially have had to pivot and find other sources of income and take on jobs we never saw ourselves doing. While some artists thrive in a studio environment, I feel like I personally thrive the most performing live and the virtual shows offered a great (hopefully temporary) alternative. It's a way to still build my brand but it's also more inclusive in the sense that you don't have to be in the same city or venue to attend the shows, you can tune in from anywhere! Will you perform alongside any other acts during your three virtual shows? Yes, at the Live Acts Canada show on April 9th there are two other local acts Velavox and Auroras from Vancouver. The other shows include artists from New York, dolltr!ck, and Wave Magnetik. What pushed you to perform not only in Vancouver but in Boise and Dublin for your forthcoming virtual shows? Well, the show in Vancouver is put on through Live Acts Canada who I've done two (non-virtual) shows in the past. The other ones are put on through youbloomConnect - a company that curates virtual tours with usually 3 acts that play a string of 3 cities a month. It's nice because it helps open my music to new markets and hopefully attracts new fans so that when the pandemic is over I can go back and tour those cities and already have a fan base waiting. What should we expect to hear and see throughout your upcoming virtual shows? Might you drop any hints as to what tracks we should expect to hear?

A lot of the songs have been covered here on your site before! When I was creating the setlists I wanted to find a balance of my most popular/most-streamed songs mixed with the songs that I love to perform the most. You can expect to hear my newest single "Falling" as well as my most streamed songs "Deck of Cards", "A World of Yes", "Smoke" and more. I'm also doing a cover of "Stupid Love" by Lady Gaga at the Vancouver show! I'm going to have a headset mic, the Richy Squirrel choreography from the music video, a pink face shield, and all! Gaga is my favorite artist to cover because her music always makes me feel so free and brave. I not only want to kill the "Stupid Love" choreo, but I want to spread the message of kindness and joy that's on Chromatica, especially because it brought me so much joy and hope throughout 2020.



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