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Visit Themes of Adoration in Dan Rose's, "My Heart Belongs With You"

With his acoustic guitar and distinctive sound, Dan Rose is an exhilarating Songwriter and performer. The expression he releases is direct and fresh, all while being provided with presence and charm. Performing over 100 shows in 10 countries, Dan Rose is an honest-to-goodness act that recalls the likes of John Mayer, Tom Petty, and Ryan Adams.

Displaying a uniquely illuminating sound that is backed by sparkling guitar riffs, “My Heart Belongs With You,” is the lead single and title track that sums up the concept of Dan Rose’s recently released EP.

Delving into a showcase of the genre-blending elements within folk and alternative rock music, we get a buoyant performance that instills a sense of warmth as you’re immediately welcomed into a narrative that thrives in the realm of love.

Transporting our minds to the nostalgic surroundings that come from good memories made under the sun, we hear “My Heart Belongs With You,” as the blissfully melodic summertime anthem we need. Dan Rose emits a vocal range that is solidified in heartfelt tenors as the passion that seeps from his powerfully spellbinding timbres allows us to latch onto every word he shares from his emotions.

With the carefully crafted lyrical motifs such as, ‘I could spend my whole damn life holding your hand in mine,’ being placed into the swing of the rich utopia at hand, we melt a little bit more in our seats knowing that Dan Rose announces this all from a place of profound honesty. Capture an earful of wistful croons from this independent artist as he takes strides in the musical ecstasy he proudly creates.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Dan. “My Heart Belongs With You,” is such a beautifully crafted song that showcases your talents in remarkable ways. Was there a particular moment or story that shaped the song's concept?

Disappointingly no. Most of my songs have those moments or stories that ground them, but this one came from my long-time fascination with love stories from the twisted point of view of a dangerous stalker. The TV show Criminals Minds have on more than one occasion had a storyline about delusional dangerous people. I tried to make this song sound like a straight-up love song, but with that certain twist as the seed for it.

Did you know that this track would serve as the title track before creating it? How did the body of work come together for you?

The song has been a live favorite at my gigs for a few years, but it never found a home on my album or EP, it just didn't fit. So when I decided to release a small compilation of outtakes from other recording sessions, I got in touch with producer Jonas Hammer and we made a new version of the song and made it the big title track for the release. I'm working on my next album and I just knew that this song wouldn't fit on that one either, so I came up with that whole idea of the compilation because I really wanted to release the song in some way.

Certain artists have either an easier or more difficult time writing about themes of love, where would you find the ease of the process on your creative scale?

In a way, it comes fairly easy once I have an idea that inspires me. There has to be something to ground it, a story to tell or an implied twist. Something that excites me. Love (and the loss of love) can be many things - I just have to find the inspiration and then I can work on the song to make it what I want it to be.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

To be an honest artist and connect with those that can relate and appreciate what I'm doing. I'm big on being understated, low-key, and lo-fi. I try to keep my songs and my live set-up as simple, as possible, so I can just look you in the eyes and share an honest moment with you. Auto-tune and pitch correction have become so standard that I'm almost sad about it. I'm one of those who prefer the acoustic versions and demos of songs because of the raw and honest sound, rather than the album versions simply because those are just a bit more "processed." I prefer the Nirvana demo boxset to the MTV Unplugged album. I also love the Bob Dylan songs that others can't stand because he sings too off-key and I preferred The Mountain Goats when they recorded songs on a boombox rather than in a studio. Don't ever put me in charge of the music at a party!

What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

I'm a good friend and touring partner with Nominated Decade who will release the single '2019' later this Summer. Having heard the song live and a few snippets from the recording, I can say that I'm very excited by hearing the final result. Americana duo Select Captain released a stripped-down version of their album 'Comes In Waves.' I'm a big fan of stripped-down versions and acoustic demos so I almost feel they released the second version of that album just for my sake! A shout-out to cool electro-pop artist Nille Nyc who released the chill track 'Someone Else' in March.


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