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Vlade Kay Has Us “Dancing Through The Night”

Pop artist Vlade Kay released his new hot single, “Dancing Through The Night.” The Disco sounds and funky sense will heat up the night.

Vlade Kay is an artist who stands out with his dancing and singing abilities. Vlad was born in Russia, his mother is a singer, and his father was the drummer of a band, so he grew up surrounded by music. Then he went to Los Angeles once he decided to expand the frontiers of his music.

After collaborating with DJ Snake, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, this time Vlad Kay gives us “Dancing Through The Night.” It is the story of a fictional pole dancer who entertains adults at night and is a mother during the day. The masterfully done instrumentals have strong Michael Jackson vibes.

“Dancing Through The Night” starts with a Disco ambiance, with a moving riff and a dominant bass that makes your spine shiver. Vlad Kay’s vocals are melodic and inviting. It caresses your ears. He knows how to get the best from it and produce tons of energy you can’t hold for long. You need to sing along.

The moving instrumentals contrast with the dark story in the lyrics. “Dancing Through The Night” is an ode to the love of a mother. Vlad Kay lends his musical talent to it with a passion he transmits. Every second of “Dancing Through The Night” is full of glam and funk but also heart.

Give in to the rhythm and the night after hitting the play button on “Dancing Through The Night.”


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