Vokal Legend Reiterates The Fact That He Is Taking Over In His Latest Single

Born in Trinidad, West Indies, Vokal Legend received his first official performance as an artist at the age of 36, at the Durham Caribbean Festival.

Writing musical content about what he is a witness to in his surroundings, Vokal Legend takes pride in his storytelling abilities. Dispensing content that truly matters, he stands for what he believes in and aims to deliver the truth for what it is.

In his most recent buoyancy infused single, “A.I,” Vokal Legend delivers intoxicating vibrancy that addresses his exclusive flair as an artist that is for the people. In the futuristic rhythmic traits that the instrumentation exudes, you are seamlessly brought into a magical universe ruled by bounce and punch. The components that Vokal Legend portrays in his lyrical delivery are unmatched as he brings forth his charismatic and boisterous persona. You find yourself gravitating towards the mesmerizing content provided that is doused in elements from the Reggae and Pop genres.

As these features fuse as one, you become engrossed in the opulent vocalization of Vokal Legend as he swoops onto “A.I,” with such spirited confidence. Touching on the melodies of people living in a Matrix-like universe, Vokal Legend uses the witty quip of, “I’m taking over, like A.I,” to act as the lyrical motif of this turbulent bop. Always one to speak his mind, Vokal Legend offers up a captivating performance that has us singing along to every minute of this song.

Our only critique? We wish that “A.I” was longer. However, we have a quick fix for that; we’ll just put this hit on repeat as we wait for the next captivating tune from Vokal Legend himself.