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Vose St. Debuts Folk-Pop Anthem “Whatever Comes Up”

Residing in Los Angeles, BuzzMusic presents the vivacious and steller group Vose St. made up of Ingmar Prinz, Thiago Muller, Leo Bomeny and Michaella Carreira to create an exciting new sound! With extensively diverse backgrounds and styles, Vose St. is genuinely creating music as a collaboration between friends.

Authentic to the core, Vose St. got together and recorded a killer new track “Whatever Comes Up”. It focuses on the stresses of life building up and just learning to go with the flow. The folk/pop anthem strives to create a feeling of togetherness through addicting melodies and catchy riffs. Michaella’s vocals add a powerful tone add femininity and comfortability. Her expansive range and intoxicating tone captures listeners instantly.

The collective of Vose St. has found their original sound and it flows so freely. “Whatever Comes Up” will have you toe-tapping, clapping, and singing along with the spectacular artistry of Vose St. “Don’t let the fear of the fall keep your feet on the ground, to reach the sun you must first find your way through the clouds” is an inspiring lyric. The important message of the song summed up is to live life to the fullest, pursue your dreams, and don’t be afraid of failure to the point of not trying. Vose St. knows that you have to get through tough times to reach success and their meaningful track “Whatever Comes Up” holds true to that inspiring message. Bravo, Vose St. for spreading positivity in the music industry today. Stay on the lookout for more collaborations with the incredible singer/songwriter Michaella Carreira!

Check out “Whatever Comes Up” here & eep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Vose St. below!


Hi guys! Welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you start by telling our readers about yourselves? How did you all meet?

The three of us met in college! We were studying in the Musicians Institute, we were great friends and started to write together, by that time we were really having a lot of fun at the studio so we decided to invite more people to collaborate with us! Then the whole project Vose St. came to life. We wanted to work with different musicians and songwriters, get to know people in the industry and get this side of collaboration. 

Can we expect more collaborations in the future?

Many, the idea of the whole project is to always feature a new artist. On the Vose St. studio we have different stages, where first we write the song with our guest and feature artist lyrics and melodies, we get to know the artist and finish the song. Then off to the next stage, we start the recording and production of the song. Drums, bass, guitar, we recorded all in our studio. The third stage is the mixing and mastering that we also have other people that help us with the process is all about the collaboration and a lot of great and talented musicians. 

Who are your top three musical influences?

So we discuss between ourselves and is a hard one, there are so many influences and each of us have different music tastes, that why the magic happen. But we got to a agreement, The Beatles, Prince and Billie Joel. 

What’s your writing process like as a group?

As I mention a little before we are always looking for new artists that want to tell their story and have the same passion for music that we have. First we invite the artist and set a date in the studio to start the writing process. Each artist has a different background and music preference or genre and that what we want, each of our songs have a different taste, we go from rock to folk. Once we get to know the artist, we ask him/her what they want to write about, a lot of conversation, then we finally try to find a chords progression, melody, lyrics, it really depends on the person. We like to take videos of the songwriting process and we will share in our instagram page. We have a lot of fun with our guests. 

For someone who have never seen you live before, can you explain your performance and stage presence?

Our live show will be a big event, since each of our songs will be featuring a artist we will have a lot of acts in our stage, is gonna be a fun environment and putting all these amazing talents together is something that we always dreamed about. The three of have different stage presence, but we are very passionate and not shy at all! 



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