WØLFDARLING Opens Up About Mental Health In Uplifting New Single, “send the sun my way”

Alternative Rock duo WØLFDARLING has done it again, creating a dynamic yet intimate new track that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Hailing from Detroit, MI, these brothers have joined forces in their latest dynamic single, "send the sun my way," following their already very well-received song, "chemical violence."

WØLFDARLING is made up of Sam Urich (guitar, piano, and vocals) and Jack Urich (bass). "send the sun my way" was recorded at Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, MI, with the help of producer Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Soundgarden, Tantric) and Jason Hartless on drums.

Written when they were in high school, "send the sun my way" is a story of navigating the mental health battles that Sam was facing at the time. Yet, despite grappling with themes of darkness and pain, the song manages to remain uplifting.

Sam notes, "Essentially, the song is a love letter to the sun…A poem to remind us that we are brave, we are mighty, and we are beloved." We applaud WØLFDARLING for letting us in on this vulnerable and emotional journey and are incredibly inspired by what they've managed to create with "send the sun my way."

"send the sun my way" opens with a beautiful guitar riff, as listeners ease into a trance-like state. As Sam's vocals enter the soundscape like the sun rising in the east, placed front and center within the alt-rock soundscape. His delivery is powerful yet intimate all at once, allowing the listener to fully understand his harmonious message. He demonstrates extreme vocal range throughout the track, leaving us enamored with his dynamic delivery and buttery timbre.

Intimate acoustic guitar sections transition into rich soundscapes throughout the track, incorporating drums, slick bass lines, heavenly keys, charged electric guitars, and stacked harmonies. WØLFDARLING has created an extremely dynamic and engaging sonic soundstage, filled with energy and prowess that allows the listener to fully immerse themselves within the production until the last second.

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Welcome to BuzzMusic, WØLFDARLING, and congratulations on your latest release “send the sun my way." We are really captivated by the vulnerability you express within the track. Was it challenging to write about and share such a personal experience?

Thank you for the warm welcome. We are thrilled to have the chance to speak with you! Yes, this song is definitely a deep bleed, but these darker emotions are an inexhaustible well of inspiration for me. To answer your question, no, it is not a challenge to share my experiences with my listeners. The challenge lies in finding the right words and sounds to tell the story. Nothing is as visceral to me as an artist pouring out their guts for everyone to see, whether that be over sound waves or on a canvas. It is scary, and you are stunned by the experience, but trust me, when you look into the eyes of your shadow, you see that it just wants to be held, to be heard. Only then can it heal. I want my listeners to know that it is okay to hurt and that this is an opportunity to practice unconditional love and kindness. Be vulnerable. You will find that it brings those around you even closer, drawn to your fearlessness.

We love that you are brothers who collaborate to make such incredible songs together. Can you tell us a bit more about growing up creating music as a team, and what sparked this process?

Since we are not Carolingian princes murdering each other for our father’s crown, it was actually a very fair idea to embark upon this path together. No one will be as loyal to you as your own kin. We both believe in these songs, with all our hearts. Ego is the band-killer, but here, we are brothers and we only want bliss for each other. So there is no hostility stemming from “who has the spotlight” or whatever. Jack’s victories are mine and mine his. He's my younger brother. So there is an instinctive function to provide for and protect. Though honestly, Jack is built like an Olympian, so I would advise not trying anything anyway…We grew in a musical family. My mother has been singing since she first carried me home as a doughy bundle in her arms. Her three brothers have been making music since their teens, and my father has as well. Music was always around us. I was gifted a strat for my 13th birthday, and have not stopped playing. Jack grabbed the bass only several years ago, which speaks to our amazement at his prowess. I will bring melodies and lyrics to Jack, and he and I will begin to take it to the next level with bass and additional vocals/harmonies. Our longtime friend and drummer, Harrison Long, will then swing by and throw down some beats, and we will workshop everything until we have something we enjoy, and really just dig playing. Jack, Harri, and I all swim in the same lake of sound, but we each have different focuses. So when we come together, we have all these lovely, complimentary sound influences that blend into what you hear on Spotify now.

Did you have a specific idea in mind of you what listeners would take away from the track when hearing it for the first time?

Hearing the track for the first time, I just want listeners to enjoy the sound. And if certain lyrics immediately catch them, I am stoked. But I find it important, for that first listen, that people are simply struck by what they feel in their bones. The following listens can provide a better grasp of the lyrics and arc of the song. But the sound is primal and universal, so if my songs are being played for someone who doesn’t speak English, but still dances to the sound, then I know I have accomplished my goal. Enjoy the track. That is most important. I hope that my songs help speak for those of us who do suffer and at the same time, cultivate brightness and hope. I call our sound optimistic emo for a reason. Yeah we are broody, and sure I cry more easily than most, but I never stop believing in a new sun, new dawn, to haste the fear away. And it is my hope that my songs convey this.

Did you have a vision for the production of the track when you initially wrote it? How did producer Chuck Alkazian help you bring it to life?

For “send the sun my way” I knew I wanted it more on the folky, ambient side. A cooling river of sound to gently carry you. So finding the right tones was critical. Chuck was able to help us discover them, with his vault of sounds, and keep the track delicate but also give it the strength it needed to keep listeners swaying throughout. Chuck has been at this many years, so he was a steady guide in suggesting which way we should pull the reins of this sonic steed. I also want to take this chance to thank Jason Hartless for tracking the drums on “send the sun my way.” Hyper talented fellow and super fun to work with. We are grateful men.

What's next for you?

What’s next!? We are only just setting out. We haven’t even left the Shire yet! We have another single on the way, launching sometime in the coming month(s), and from there we will be back in the studio crafting new sound potions. Depending on our availability and where the current global situation steers, we intend to return to the stage for live performances. Jack and I are at University, and Harrison has a grown-man job, so it is a balancing act when it comes to live shows. But we intend to fill the books as we stride into 2022. I will also leave you with this. WØLFDARLING is currently creating a short film saga that will accompany our music. This will be a visual narrative that follows an original storyline. It will be another way for our listeners to connect with our world, by having the ability to actually experience it both audibly and visually. We are hyped!