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WØLFDARLING Shares The "Chemical Violence," They Withstand In Today's World

Consisting of brothers Sam and Jack Urich, WØLFDARLING crafts songs that are full of tragic, gloomy, organic, primal, and brave emotions. They aspire for their listeners to really feel the music, and their latest single release is able to kickstart the potency of such emotions.

WØLFDARLING has released their temperamental single, titled "Chemical Violence." Making use of drummer Jason Hartless for the song, "Chemical Violence" ensues with inspirative, harmony-filled melodies offered by the brothers. The characterizable, slow-moving tone is what puts a strong focus on every word being relayed by WØLFDARLING, and listeners can easily delve into the narrative the band is trying to share.

Soon enough the melody of "Chemical Violence" picks up when nearing the chorus, which is what stimulates an even more potent array of emotions from WØLFDARLING. The vocal arrangement within "Chemical Violence" is one that garners respect, as you can easily tell that WØLFDARLING put a ton of time into their craft for this song.

"Chemical Violence" is a conversation between Sam and his mind, including the beautiful and not-so-beautiful elements of it. Sam wanted to portray his understanding of the darker parts of his mind and to allow listeners to share the experience with him. All in all, WØLFDARLING carefully generated an emotionally stirring song that couldn't possibly be forgotten by any alt/rock lover that enjoys a strong twist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic WØLFDARLING, and congratulations on the release of your hit single, "Chemical Violence." Can you share the effort, time, and thoughts leading up to your single release?

Everything begins with the song. This song is striking for me, as it speaks, quite bluntly, upon my mental health and the cerebral warfare I engage in pretty much every day. So finding a proper way to get this song out to others was significant, so I am incredibly fortunate to have teamed up with Geordie and Gina of UnleashedMusic. I am an anachronism; out of this time. Social media and selfies and all that jazz doesn't register in my brain. I am hopeless there. I love to write music and create sounds and stories. Self-promotion has never been something to spend time on for me. But this industry demands it, so I was thrilled when UnleashedMusic took us on. The song comes directly from the darker parts of my mind and my relationship with my most vulnerable self. It is cathartic and therapeutic to engage with the dark. Everything becomes less frightening when you take the time to learn about them. I hope those who listen to this song will feel encouraged to turn inwards with love and kindness and accept with open arms what they find. The dark can hold extraordinary wisdom and creativity.

Considering that WØLFDARLING is a brother duo, what was the nature of your collaboration for "Chemical Violence?" Were there any obstacles the two of you encountered during the writing and/or recording stage?

Honestly, we have no issues writing as brothers. I'm sorry, but we don't have a dramatic Gallagher brother dynamic, as much as publicity may like that. Jack and I are pretty laid back in that regard. I have always been writing songs, and Jack joined the band after playing and writing for years. We are constantly growing and trying new things, but the basic formula has remained the same; I write a melody and lyrics, then add bass, harmonies, and drums. I generally create songs on the piano or my acoustic, then bring them to Jack, and we begin to animate it further with bass and drums and additional vocals. Jack will offer thoughts and suggestions, and it's always great to hear another perspective and get out of my head for a moment.

Can you describe the type of feelings, emotions, and thoughts that went into crafting "Chemical Violence?" What was the primary purpose of releasing this song to your listening base?

Ah, I realize I may have answered this question within the first one, but the premise for WØLFDARLING is essentially love and kindness and valiance and essentially using the darkness as a gift rather than a hindrance. Optimistic emo. that is what I consider myself. I am hypersensitive and emotionally invested, but I am not angry but instead seeking the good and the radiant. I think negativity is a significant energy vampire and, honestly, a waste of your time. Everyone is suffering. everyone. You have no idea what the person next to you on the train is experiencing, so I approach everyone I meet with respect amiability. Innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

Now, if the situation calls for aggression (rare) and someone is attacking or harassing others, then I'll bare my teeth. But that is not the norm. I approach every situation based on present context rather than assumption. I want mental health to be seriously recognized. We live in a nation that doesn't create space for those suffering. Many more suffer than admit. But it is still stigmatized here in the US, and that creates shame or fear. That is cruel and inappropriate in my mind. Every life is meaningful, and we shouldn't leave others in the dirt because they can't keep up a full sprint at all times. I wish to champion mental health awareness and let people know it is okay not to feel awesome 24/7. It's okay to have a rest. I am a creature of passion, and I find that to be the purpose, and if you're not following your passion, you're creating self-violence. And that wound will sicken and manifest in damaging ways. Embrace all parts of yourself. Especially the darker parts. You will become so much more confident and mighty, reflecting in every interaction and project.

Could you see yourselves generating new music that strays away from the alt/rock music scene?

I enjoy this question. Honestly, I make music I like. And that doesn't necessarily fall into one genre. I follow sounds, not categorized boxes. These words are just manufactured constructs. Sound is beyond all that. I listen and pull on the sonic threads. When asked about our genre, I tell them we are a dark bedroom alternative. Whatever that means is up for you to determine. That's part of why I chose it. It's part of your journey now; I'm not here to tell you how you think about my music. But when the industry presses me, I say we are alternative or alternative/rock. But our sound is just WØLFDARLING. Whatever that means.

What's next for you?

Well, we have a total of three singles to be released throughout this fall, so that is where we are focused at present. But as soon as the opportunity presents itself, we want to get back into the studio and record more tracks! Jack and I are both at university right now, so we have to navigate making music and keeping up with our studies, but in my mind, this is all part of the path. So many encounters, stories, and lessons...such exposure only gives me more inspiration when writing.


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