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Wade Wilson Grinds His Competitive Gears with, 'Waderick "Wild Thing" Vaughn: The Mixtape'

From New Jersey to Brooklyn, the sharp-shooting Artist and Rapper Wade Wilson get our competitive gears turning with his latest stimulating album, 'Waderick "Wild Thing" Vaughn: The Mixtape.' The verbally acrobatic, wise-cracking Artist is always one to bring a deeper lyrical message to his music. His previous EP titled "Mood Disorder" took on themes of the seldom addressed mental illness epidemic in Black America. With Wilson's latest album, "Waderick "Wild Thing" Vaughn: The Mixtape," he ventures on to tell a gripping story surrounding the emotional journey of a baseball season. The album begins with the intro track, "Spring Training," opening with a nostalgic radio broadcaster announcing "-a juvenile delinquent in the off-season in his major league debut." We can already feel the heat that Wade Wilson is about to drop in this track, as the heavy Hip-Hop beat blasts through with powerful brass instrumentation and a mid-tempo beat. As Wilson continues to rap with his dominant and authoritative delivery, he opens the album with immense strength through bars surrounding the long and treacherous journey to the top. Onto the second track, "Season Opener," we must note the brilliant production that runs straight through the previous song to this one. As the production begins to switch up with help from Producer Ill Omega, he fuels this song with a nostalgic 90s Hip-Hop beat powered by organic drum breaks, funky keys, and warm instrumentation. Taking a listen to Wade Wilson's bars, he continues to spit with a powerful flair while delivering conceptual words like "five seconds to blow four seasons, three albums two reasons, one MC still breathin'." With the third track, "Summer Stretch," this powerhouse tune opens with a blazing Hip-Hop beat through gripping synths and kicking drum breaks. Wade Wilson begins rapping right from the jump, accompanied by the blistering production that offers scorching effects and minimal electric guitar bursts that explode in flavor. Listening to his catchy and rhythmic bars, Wilson powers through and delivers lyrics surrounding the failed system that has proved injustices everywhere amongst black lives, that are blatantly deprived of the same opportunity as white people. Ending the song with a mighty production breakdown featuring another baseball radio broadcast, we love the strength this track has to offer. Continuing this reflective note with the next track, "Pennant Race," the piece opens with the same radio broadcast where 'Wild Thing" has the crowd on their feet. As the production begins with a mellow down-tempo beat surrounded by melodic piano, light strings, and warm electric guitar, we can feel the natural aspects and authenticity that Wilson infused into this song. Speaking on his bars, Wade Wilson goes deep while explaining reality and the tradition of hatred that the world seems to repeat. The song strikingly ends with the same broadcast where the announcer exclaims the need to get "Wild Thing" out. The same broadcast transitions over to the next song, "Wild Card," where haunting piano melodies and equally haunting ghost vocals steam the intro. As Wade Wilson begins rapping with incredible double meanings and innuendos, we must note the quick and meticulous bars he delivers offer a vast sense of talent while spitting profound messages of inequality. The beat continues on this haunting and eerie note, while Wilson ends the track off with his sharp bars depicting our reality's bittersweet taste. Moving on to the funky-fresh track, "Championship," the piece opens with a nostalgic Hip-Hop beat through scratching records, warm percussion, and a bright piano melody. As Wade Wilson makes his vocal appearance, he begins singing of not caring what others think and paying no mind to others' perspectives that don't seem to matter. The smooth production by Dready Mercury continues to offer heat with each rhythmic twist and turn, complimenting the likes of Wade Wilson perfectly. Wilson ends the song off by tieing in the same broadcast that transitions into the album's outro. The outro track, "Champagne," opens with Al Simmons' blissful production through soft synths and smooth Trap drums, allowing Wade Wilson to flow over the track with poise and composure. While Wilson begins singing with his layered vocals, he jumps into his bars surrounding his continuous journey through life and navigating his way towards new experiences and expanding his horizons. Wilson cleverly gives an ode to Green Day's "Basket Case" by adding a pinch of lyrics from the legendary song that adds a unique flair to this hit. Ending the song off with Wade Wilson's watery and filtered vocals, he captures a highly reflective aspect to the outro that compliments the entire album. We love the journey that Wade Wilson has taken us on with his conceptual and strikingly lyrical album, "Waderick "Wild Thing" Vaughn: The Mixtape." With each track that brings fire and steam through our speakers, Wade Wilson comes through with powerful messages to engage listeners and remind them of the world's ongoing injustices, especially in our country. Listen to the full album, here.

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