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“Wake Up” By Maro DeLo Will Make You Fall In Love

Manhattan born and Philly raised singer/songwriter Maro DeLo pulls his passion for music from his classic rock and blues infused upbringing. Maro’s diverse background gives a dynamic edge to his original pop-rock songs. Maro DeLo released his debut EP “Shades Of Blue” in October 2018 and hasn’t taken his foot off the gas pedal since. Maro DeLo is currently traveling up to the East Village of Manhattan to produce, mix, and master his current project “Shades of Blues” into a full album.

Maro DeLo latest single “Wake Up” is a spectacular pop love ballad with hard-hitting rock elements. The harmonically-rich vocals fuse with the pummeling acoustics keep us grooving along. “Wake Up” is an easy listening love anthem with brilliant lyricism and lighthearted emotions. Maro DeLo’s established and finely calibrated vocals are polished beyond his years. “Wake Up” proves that Maro is an expert at creating music that his fans can relate to in order to build stronger connections with his listeners. “Wake Up” is being added to my Summer 2019 playlist and I recommend you do the same!

Check out “Wake Up” here and read more below in our exclusive interview.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Maro! Can you tell us how you got started in music?

I first picked up the guitar at age 6, started singing and songwriting at 16, and made my first homemade demo at 17. Soon after I handed out my homemade demo, I stumbled over the opportunity to work with a very reputable producer in the East Village of Manhattan.

Since working with them, I’ve gotten the chance to form my own unique sound and begin the journey of finding my voice. Without them, I wouldn’t be making the leaps and bounds toward improving as a singer, songwriter, and musician.

Who are you musical influences? How do they inspire you?

Growing up, I listened to mostly blues, classic rock and a little bit of folk: Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Jethro Tull, The Beatles, The Eagles, Boston, Journey, you name it.

I was first introduced to Pop music in my early teens; back when Bastille, Aloe Blacc, Ed Sheeran and John Legend we’re blowing up in the industry. Their vocal and songwriting styles have always stuck out to me. I will forever admire them and thank them for all the rough times their music helped me get through. 

When I got to high school, I jumped from phase to phase in my taste in music genres. Eminem and (back to) Jethro Tull most of freshman year, Aimee Mann and Shawn Mendes during sophomore year, John Mayer and Leon Bridges my junior year, and Chris Cornell (from Soundgarden and Audioslave)  my senior year; all of which have given me a new lens to look through at all of the amazing talent the industry has has to offer. 

My current influences include John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Aloe Blacc, Bastille, Alec Benjamin, Julia Michaels, Hoobastank, LANY, JOHN.k, Kylie Minogue, Bazzi, and Lauv. I’ve had them on repeat in my car for most of 2019. 

The individuals on my list that stick out to me are John Mayer, Chris Cornell and Alec Benjamin. Between the 3 of them, they all have such great tonality in their voices and outstanding songwriting skills. Every time I put their music on, I feel like I’m getting channeled into their shoes and reliving the story of their songs. Artists like that are incredibly special, rare gems to say the least. 

What does your single “Wake Up” mean to you? What was the writing process for this track?

Wake Up is one of those songs that is special... but special in a “special” kind of way. With Wake Up, I combined two “love stories” into one; I like to take advantage of poetic license. 

My initial inspiration for writing “Wake Up” was a friend of mine, with whom I caught feelings for the second time around. It felt like De’ja Vu, only this time she was feeling it, too. 

So, I did what any songwriter would do: stay up til 2 am trying to construct the best way of telling my story. Ironically, when the song wasn’t quite finished yet, she introduced me to, who eventually became, my girlfriend. Even though the relationship was short lived, she gave me the inspiration I needed to write the bridge.

Sometimes I think I’ll end up with a lump in my throat when I sing this song because I’m not on speaking terms with either girl, but I never do. I realize that at the end of the day, they aided me in creating a product that I’m really happy with. Thank you, both. 

We love your voice! Have you had any professional training?

Yes I have! I’ve been working with a vocal coach from Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan. Ever since I was introduced to him through my producers, things have only gone uphill. Every time we sit at his keyboard and vocalize, I learn something new. He’s so amazing that if he wanted to teach a rock to sing, he could. 

What’s next for you?

Currently I’m finishing up a few upcoming singles with my producers and buckling up for Nashville! I’m moving down there for a few months to look for internships in the industry. I’m on a quest to gain knowledge and learn the business of music. In my mind, the best way to learn is by first hand experience.

On top of that, I’m also looking into acting classes and getting out to play as much as I can. Exposure, exposure, exposure!


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