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Wardach Releases Brilliant Single "Elsewhen"

Atlanta-based, independent artist and producer Wardach, has been alluring creative inspiration from varying acts such as San Holo, Flume, Alison Wonderland, and Rezz to name a few. He is heavily encouraged by the Sci-Fi genre of films, like Moon and Bladerunner 2049, which inspire the theme behind his upcoming album Jovian. Jovian meaning “of Jupiter” was chosen because he felt as though it was a good word for communicating the feeling of out of place. This 8 song album will be jam packed with songs about confusion regarding identity, purpose, and relationships.

“Elsewhen” just so happens to be a favorite of Wardach and I am eager to see why!

First I must start with mentioning Wardach choice of artwork. It’s simple but the small details really draw your attention into it. Collaborating with artist and showcasing their talent with his art is really dope! It gives both artists a chance to shine. What an amazing composition. And I say composition because this was a well composed song. I really enjoy the Sci-Fi ambiance that I get from this song. Almost like it is from a different world! You can literally get lost in this song. The layers go so deep that you almost need to keep it on repeat to catch everything because you may miss it the first time! I have a true appreciation for artists that can take me on a journey through their music. Phenomenal vocals and instrumentals Wardach!

Catch "Elsewhen" now on Spotify, and keep reading for Wardach's exclusive interview with BuzzMusic!

Hello there! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi Buzz-Music, thank you so much for taking the time to interview me. I really appreciate it! My name is Wardach, and I’m an electronic music artist and producer in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia area.

What and/or who influenced your love for music?

The first style of music that I really connected with was metalcore (bands like Underoath and Norma Jean) when I was in high school. The passion and heavy breakdowns in that style of music still affect me and how I write today. Sci-fi continually influences me as a catalyst for my imagination. And stylistically, I think Flume and San Holo are pretty big inspirations. I love what those two guys do.

Can you tell me the inspiration behind the track Elsewhen and why it is your favorite track?

Elsewhen is inspired by a few different things. It’s a song about feeling far away from someone you love because of some sort of obstacle, whether it’d be emotional, geographical, circumstantial, or something else. “Elsewhen” is a word that alludes to time travel or an alternate timeline (very nerdy). In my life I’ve had some relationships and potential relationships that fell through where I thought, “if we had only met at a different time in life, maybe this would have worked out.” There’s a level of helplessness in that thought that really inspired the song. Beyond that, I’m not sure if there's a particularly interesting reason as to why it’s one of my favorite tracks other than simply liking how it turned out. My good friend Jasmine Watkins sings on it, and I really like her voice. Creating music with friends often makes the experience a little more special, so that might be why I like it so much.

What is your ultimate goal with music?

I have a lot of different goals for music, such as traveling, touring, making a decent living solely through music, and collaborating with fellow artists I admire, so this is actually a somewhat difficult question. A really good question though! Ultimately, I want to be the best musician I can possibly be and the best performer I can possibly be. I plan on making music for the rest of my life, and I’ve only been doing this for a few years, so I just want to keep growing as an artist for the next 20 and see where that takes me.

When can we expect Jovian to release?

Jovian, my debut album and hopefully the first of many, actually releases very soon (April 30, 2019). I hope you like it. Thanks for everything!


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