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Warm Blizzard Continues The Story With Part 3 of “Love Me Now”!

Elijah Dagley who goes by the stage name of “Warm Blizzard” is a 20 year old Atlanta based artist who has been interested in music since a young age. He was always intrigued by the work of others including some of his favorite artists; Jcole, Tupac, Jay-Z, and Outkast. He credits Jcole’s release “Who Dat” as a major aspect in realizing how music was sincerely a passion for the artist. But he also credits all his influences in serving a role in the creation of “Warm Blizzard”. Tupac taught Warm Blizzard that what you say and why you say it is what matters, not the delivery of it. Outkast taught him that where he comes from has more significance than what the outside world knows. These artists and many more helped encourage Warm to believe that his music was needed to provide a certain perspective many could relate to. After doing rap battles with his friends and stepping out of his comfort zone, Warm Blizzard is fully ready than ever to reach a large audience with his unique authentic style.

Warm Blizzard released part 3 to the “Love Me Now” sequel and this one was powerful. Everything felt tremendously more passionate and had us completely heart rendered. You can tell Warm Blizzard went through a significant amount of heartbreak that it evoked him to write a 3 part, compelling musical story of it. Love Me Now part one was the beginning honeymoon stage, part two was the heartbreak, and part 3 feels as if this is the acceptance as well as scarred point of the sequel. From these lyrics, I interpreted that part 3 of “Love Me Now” is sort of a letter to the next girl that enters his life. He went through enough with the previous significant other, that he’s reluctant to get hurt again. This song is highly relatable to many people who could put themselves in this position as well. Warm Blizzard gave us a raspy, brittle vocal resonance that added emphasis on the melody. The passion is soaring across all levels of “Love Me Now Part 3”, and Warm Blizzard is a compelling storyteller and artist.

Listen to "Love Me Now" here and get to know more about Wizard Blizzard below!

Out of all your influences, who do you think impacted your style of music the most?

My music style is heavily influenced by Andre 3000. Being from Atlanta, as Outkast, the respect and admiration for them but for me as it relates to Andre 3000 I truly think he’s the best rapper in my opinion. Wether it be consistent subject matter, lyrical ability, rhyme scheme, and overall flow I just have to give all the praise to Andre 3000.

“Love Me Now Part 3” seems to be emotionally powerful! What is this song about?

Love Me Now Part 3 is about me knowing what i want out of love. The lyrics tell it all when I say, “Love me so much girl that it’ll never change. Love me so much girl that it gets me through the pain. Love me so much girl that you’re all upon my brain.” For me my biggest thing is love wether it’s figuring out how to love myself or also loving someone else.

How does Part 3 differentiate from the previous two parts?

Part 3 is totally different because i went for a rock vibe. I grew up with a somewhat appreciation for rock music. With that i also want to say R.I.P to Lil Peep since his music heavily affected me in making this song and just also because i used a Lil Peep type beat for Part 3.

What’s was the most challenging for you during the songwriting process of Love Me Now Part 3?

The most challenging part was that i had to remove and insert extra words in the recording process but nothing major like changing stuff around just some adding and removing filler words.

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me is that Part 4 will be dropping in a couple weeks and in June I’m also getting ready to drop my long awaited album, “How Files: The Album” which is a continuation of my series on SoundCloud, “High Files”, “High Files 2”, and “High Files 3”.


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