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Warm Blizzard Delivers The Perfect Summer Romance Anthem!

Elijah Dagley who goes by the stage name of “Warm Blizzard” is an 20 year old, Atlanta based artist, who's been interested in music since a young age. He was always intrigued by the work of others, including some of his favorite artists; J. Cole, Tupac, Jay-Z, and Outkast. He credits J. Cole’s release “Who Dat” as an major aspect in realizing how music was sincerely a passion for the artist. But he also credits all his influences in serving a role in the creation of “Warm Blizzard”. Tupac taught Warm Blizzard that what you say and why you say it is what matters, not the delivery of it. Outkast taught him that where he comes from has more significance than what the outside world knows. These artists and many more helped encourage Warm Blizzard to believe that his music was needed to provide a certain perspective many could relate to. After doing rap battles with his friends and stepping out of his comfort zone, Warm Blizzard is more ready than ever to reach a large audience with his unique authentic style.

Warm Blizzard released his single titled Love Me Now, inspired by a girl who he was in a relationship with, he experienced a new array of emotions he has never experienced prior to meeting her. “Love Me Now” is the perfect record for you heart-rendering lovers. A song that discusses the climaxing high of a relationship between you and a significant other, Love Me Now has serenading R&B melodies and a unique vocal articulation thanks to Warm Blizzard's authentic and super dope individual voice that caught me by surprise while listening! “She said love me now, please don’t waste no time” was the leading lyric that became stuck in my head and I couldn’t help but love it. I found myself repeating the line over and over even when I wasn’t listening, which was an indicator to me that Warm Blizzard has a way of attaching us to his music. “Love Me Now” is the perfect summer love jam that we can dedicate to that special someone!

Check out this hot track here. Catch our interview with Warm Blizzard down below!

Mind introducing yourself to our readers and telling us a little bit about your music!?

My name’s Warm Blizzard I’m an Atlanta based artist I’ve been writing since I was 13 and recording music for a year and a half. I would best describe my style of music as one that breaks the barriers of the current state of music. My sound is very unique and tuned to fit into my specific aesthetic. I touch on Hip-Hip, Pop, Rock & R&B. My music is the story of my life. So with that I just keep the music raw, relatable, and most importantly it’s very real.

What’s your personal favorite element about your single “Love Me Now”?

My single favorite element is hands down the hook. The reasoning behind that is because for me as an artist the hook can be the most valuable piece of the song, and that’s simply due to the fact that if the hook is catchy and you can vibe with it I know it’ll get you eager to listen to the rest of the song. 

Is there a consistent lyrical style throughout “Love Me Now”?

Yes there was a consistent lyrical style it was a combination of Pop and rap, there was a specific musical frequency that I was following influenced by the beat alone  which, when I first heard it I knew i had to step out of my comfort as a rapper and make something that was different to me but represented my abilities and talent as an artist . 

In your opinion, what does the song title reveal about the song as a whole?

The title sums up the entirety of the song, “Love Me Now” which touches on the subject of wanting to be in love with someone but you’re not ready and in realizing you weren’t ready you see that the love that you are ready to give is no longer fitting for the time frame which is why I say, “She said love me now. Please don’t waste my time.” 

What’s next for you?

What’s next is Love Me Now: Part 2, the beauty in this next song is that it continues the story of me and this person and where we go after I realize the love I have was too late and it beautifully represents: The cycle of love and heartbreak filled with happiness, sadness, rage, and acceptance. There’s a part 3 and part 4 that I know the fans will love but we shall save that for the next couple months to come. 


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