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Warmth in the Lyrical Talents of Marcus Porter Serve Up, "Soup for the Soul"

Madison, Wisconsin, is home to Hip-hop and R&B artist Marcus Porter. Having always been a boy from Wisconsin, Marcus Porter brings forth his delectable musical creations, which he deems as essential, uplifting, and also inspirational.

Utilizing hues of Indie, Backpack Rap, and hints of R&B, Marcus Porter began to create music for his own ears until he realized that he needed his music to resonate with other people in the world.

Pushing forth a captivating track that takes us back to wistful readings of Chicken Soup for the Soul novels, if they were paired with a sprinkle of Marcus Porter’s homemade charisma, we get to hear the flavourful single, “Soup for the Soul.”

Indulging his audience in an enriching fusion of his panaches that fall into an assortment of classifications that epitomize the genre of Hip-hop today, Marcus Porter has something distinctive to offer up in the liveliness that he brings to the table.

Sweeping through his verses with a well-executed delivery of witty quips, Marcus Porter takes us to the triumphant hook that doubles in intensity as it immerses our speakers. Marcus Porter takes his talents to a new-fangled dimension as he seamlessly adds a pep in his step with the way that he conveys his zealous messaging. Knowing what it takes to create a timeless hit, you can hear signature attributes in the manner, “Soup for the Soul,” fit a, never go out of style, scheme.

The lyrical contributions that illuminate themes of an exposed elegiac personality bring the spotlight back to the admirable traits that Marcus Porter comprehends. With another single in the books, we’re impressed with the consistent growth that Marcus Porter exemplifies with each fresh release.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Marcus Porter, it’s always a pleasure when we get to catch up on your artistic journey! How have you found your artistic style grow from your previous release to the release of, “Soup for the Soul?"

I am ecstatic to let you all back into the journey! My style has grown a lot over the last couple of years & Soup for the Soul is just one of the many pieces of music where the growth has come for me & my artistry.

Could you please share what the recording process looked like when fashioning, “Soup for the Soul?"

It started with me building the beat I went with the piano melody then built around it adding the horns, the bells & then finally the drums. I wrote the hook first on a four-bar loop of just melodies before the drums even got added and then it all just kind of came together when I started arranging the song for what I wanted it to be.

What are you hoping that listeners take away from your messaging in this song?

I am hoping that the listeners take away I am cooking up a different sound & taste for their pallets for music and the truth and honesty in it and that I won’t stop being me in the way I do in life for myself or people & I’m trying to feed them solid music for their soul.

You have been known for the consistency in the quality of your releases. In a world where artists tend to debate over quality versus quantity, what’s your stance?

I believe you need both, quality is what keeps them listening. I also believe you definitely should be consistent with dropping but doing it at a pace that allows you to still have the quality you need to drop.

What's next?

What's next for me is that I will be dropping a few more singles along with videos and possibly a couple of bodies of work. 2021 will be a busy year for sure you will be hearing from me again soon!



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