'Waste No Time' With Y.O.G.I

Daniel Lopes is a 16 year old independent artist from Kearny, NJ. Starting his career in January 2018, he debuted his first single "Came Up" under the artist name Lil Yogi. Undergoing much criticism and judgement, he hunted for a new string of originality and individuality to begin to develop his own sound. Debuting his single "Mask Off" under his new artist name Y.O.G.I, Daniel gained the support of local people and embraced his own charisma to continue his musical journey.

We were huge fans of his debut single 'Mask Off', now Y.O.G.I has returned with his latest single 'Waste No Time'. 'Waste No Time' stays true to its title. Y.O.G.I raps about knowing when you've found that special someone. Treating that person like a queen, and going to every measure making sure that person is happy and smiling. Y.O.G.I is a extremely versatile rapper, singer and lyricist making him a force to be reckoned with. With his latest release "Waste No Time", Y.O.G.I is eager to continue his rise to stardom. Listen to 'Waste No Time' here.

Connect with Y.O.G.I on social media:

Instagram: @y.o.g.i.official

Twitter: @theyogiofficial