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Watch Him Work! Tay Rob Smashes His New Single “Watch Me Work”

Tay Rob is a rapper all the way from Irwin California who shortly moved to Kentucky, before migrating to Memphis Tennessee, where he currently resides. He began writing music in high school but didn’t get to actually record his records until 2016. He is now a 23-year-old artist, ready for the big stage and spotlight!

Tay Rob is letting everybody know what the business is with his new hit “Watch Me Work”. Tay Rob is going hard in the booth and we don’t plan on him stopping either! His bars were on point with catchy punchlines and raw lyricism that helped highlight the artistry of Tay Rob. The lyrics were highly witty, and it was like each line offered a new dimension to explore more in-depth. “Watch Me Work” still has the mainstream appeal with an addictive hook that catches your eye. The repetitive hook is great for a factor of repeated listens. Tay Rob isn’t letting anything stop him from his bag and he demonstrates this strong passion in “Watch Me Work”. The banging production and poignant arrangement caused this endlessly-playable record to stand out bright in the overcrowded rap industry. It’s commercial enough to go mainstream, while raw enough to appeal to the culture of hip-hop, who appreciates the lyricists of our decade.

Listen to "Watch Me Work" here and get to know more about Tay Rob below!

Hey Tay Rob! You’ve migrated across the USA to various different states! Of course, each state has its own individual style and flair. Between all your different environmental changes, which would you say influenced you the most?

I would have to say that Memphis has influenced me the most. With me being so young during me and my family’s traveling days, I wasn’t really able to adapt or become influenced while I was in California and Kentucky. With me spending pretty much my entire life in Memphis, I was able to adapt to the culture. Slang, food, and music to a certain extent.

In what ways have your songwriting skills developed and improved over the years of your career?

I feel like my songwriting has improved by my overall lyricism and approach when I start my writing process. Before when I wrote lyrics, I was so focused on punchlines and wordplay that at times I neglected cadence and delivery when I first started. Now when I write, I leaned how to combine all different aspects of lyricism to create a style that I feel is unique. A style where I combine, wordplay, a nice cadence and delivery, multiple rhyming patterns to create a lyrical product. At this stage of my career most people that have heard me know I can rap, but now I want to people to know that I can write songs instead of just rapping at a high quality.

Do you have any specific music inspirations? 

My musical inspirations come mostly from J. Cole and Dave East. I took different influences from both artists. From J. Cole, I felt like I learned how to use rhyming patterns and how to switch them throughout a song. I feel like with Dave East, I learned the cadence and delivery aspect of my lyricism from him. Both artists have aspects to their crafts that I feel I have been able to put together very well.

Let’s talk about this sizzling hit “Watch Me Work”, what was the message you were aiming to give to your listeners?

I wanted to create a song, that delivered a message of confidence to my listeners. Not just my own confidence, but I wanted to instill a mindset of confidence within the listener. No matter what you are trying to accomplish in life, try to be the best that you can be at it to reach your goals. Whether it’s music, sports, or just life in general, I want listeners to have that same confidence that I had when I created this song. Tell the doubters and nay sayers to sit back and watch you work.

What’s next for you Tay Rob?

I have a few things in the works at the moment. I have singles and collabs with other artists. I’ll be performing on the 15th at one of the local parks in my city. I also have other potential shows in the near future that I hope come about, Lord willing. Things are starting to progress for me, so I just want to continue to build off of that momentum.


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