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Watch How He Do It! JF Million Air Released His Charismatic Rap Record

JF Million Air was born on June 11990 and it was his time living in Las Vegas where he was inspired to pick up a pen and paper and write his first lyrics and song. He proceeded to recording a bunch of albums under an alias in which one of these albums were released to the public. Fast forward years later, JF Million Air is now a well crafted artist who knows he has what it takes to be the next big thing in the industry.

JF Million air released his recent single titled “How I Do It” and it instantly begins with a dope introduction due to the “trap xylophone” sound is what I’ll call it. The lyrics are immediately witty and have a nice snappy appeal to it. JF Million Air isn’t the only star on “How I Do It” with a feature from another rapper who goes by the name of “Anthony Daze” and together they used their distinguishable rap voices and fused them together to fabricate an appealing hit. Both verses were fire with attractive lyrics that we’re positive many people will love. My favorite part about the whole song would most definitely be the addictive hook. “Watch how I do it, let me get into it, better go ham with the music” by the time you’re listening to the hook you’re fully into the entire song and find yourself vibing alongside JF and Anthony. If you’re longing for a wavy hip-hop song with unique rap voices merged inside then we have the perfect special treat for you!

Check out the track here! Read our exclusive interview with JF Million Air below.

Between your early start in your career and now, have you noticed any major improvements or changes in your style, songwriting caliber, or flow?

When I first started off I barely had a solid flow it sounded horrible to be honest, then the last few years I focused on rapping a lot faster and cutting down my syllables which helped on a ton of my previous work.

Tell us about the song “How I Do It” and the meaning behind it!

So "How I Do It" I was like man I need another single so I cooked up the beat real fast on logic pro then recorded the hook and verses and the song came out mega dope it actually hit the charts on iTunes for hip-hop which is exciting. The meaning behind it has to be like yeah I'm here making moves now let them watch how I do it.

How did the idea of a feature between you and Anthony come about for the record!?

The idea just hit me after I made the beat and I rarely use auto tune but I'm glad I did for this one. I was driving in my car and had nothing to write with so I came up with the hook and recorded it on my voice memo and after that pieced the song together and it came out fresh.

What’s your favorite part as an artist about creating your own music?

My favorite part has to be owning the rights to everything and not having to worry about paying producers or writers. I've been in those weird situations where producers charge a crazy amount for just an average beat that I could make myself so now I produce and rap.

What’s next for you through 2019?

My next steps are getting out more music videos that are up to par, I'm lacking in that area, and to focus more on getting more interviews and collaborating with bigger platforms to reach a larger audience. I don't perform much but hopefully the streams continue to grow I'm trying to hit a million this year.


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