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Watch Out for an Unmatched Work Ethic From ThekidGhost

California’s Hip-hop artist ThekidGhost has been making waves along the west coast with his intoxicating melodies.

Recently dropping eye-catching visuals for a new single for “Aim For The Stars,” we get to take in all that is the perseverance and determination that resides within ThekidGhost’s aura. The prevailing delivery that reiterates words of wisdom and authenticity sits well in our souls. There is no undermining the dedication that ThekidGhost carries with him as he displays his artistry on such a high tier.

Through it all, we hear the true emcee in him become more present than ever as he raps to his audience in a witty manner that showcases his lyrical talent. The uniquely structured cinematography has your attention fixated on highway scenes that better display your life passing right by. Ensuring that the attention remains on the narrative poetically rapped, the scenes of ThekidGhost are imaginative in their way of minimalism.

Pairing this performance with the mesmerizing music video that tours you through personal elements of ThekidGhost himself, you see how the creative vision coincides with what we directly hear in “Aim For The Stars.” As we truly embrace all that is ThekidGhost, we’re excited for what’s next to come from this flourishing talent.

Congratulations on the release of "Aim For The Stars." We love the message in this song as it takes listeners through a journey of your work ethic. What was the exact moment that determined the basis of this song?

Thank you, the exact moment I knew where to take this song was in the studio with my producer (88xDrums). He started creating the beat from scratch. I started building off the energy we had in the studio and laying the foundation for the song (Lyric wise). I often translate where I've come from to where I'm going to empower the listener, and that's exactly what this song is.

How would you describe your journey as an artist from the moment your career began to this very moment?

I'd describe this music journey as a learning experience, and music is a business. Hence, I had to learn new ways to market myself/my craft to reach a higher level audience and create different styles of music to target new crowds.

Was it always easy for you to aim for the stars? What words of wisdom do you have for those who may have struggles in this realm?

Was it always easy to "Aim For The Stars"? No, I say this because everybody runs into obstacles. Myself, for example, being new to a town (Fresno), I often got cheated and never got my finished product, the constant opinions people are going to say about your craft, things are going to happen that are discouraging and meant to break us down. I want my message to help teach those about re-directing their energy, instead of dwelling on a situation, learn and build from it.

How does "Aim For The Stars" tie into where your music is headed?

"Aim For The Stars" is an empowering song, and that's how my vibe through music is with everything that I've got coming—trying to steer into a positive/different style kind of sound.

What's next for you?

On top of the album, I'm working with Relentless Vision Entertainment. I've also got 4-5 singles coming with a good friend/fellow artist ALivelySoul with an R&B / hip-hop sound. The following projects expose the growth I've had over these years. I'm excited to showcase these new sounds we've been experimenting with!

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