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We Are All About Gabriel Munoz’s Fresh Single: “All About Us”

Chugging electro beats, hypnotic soundscapes and a singalong worthy chorus make Gabriel Munoz’s “All About Us” a guaranteed club hit. Gabriel’s smooth voice sets the scene of an electric packed dance club with a game of cat and mouse with Gabriel pursuing a love interest. Once they are together they are going to show everyone how to party. It’s a hot summer jam destined to be a club hit with its ability to have the beat take over your body that will have you moving your hips across the dance floor. "All About Us" is a great addition to any feel-good playlist and we highly recommend it.

Gabriel, born and raised in LA is a talented young artist emerging on the pop scene. There is something for everyone on Gabriel’s alluring, dance-friendly and like-able debut EP “Dynamite”. Gabriel aims to go against the grain of main stream pop and take listeners on an idyllic journey with the use of storytelling through his lyrics and catchy hooks that provide relaxation. Discover this fresh, banging track today and stream “All About Us” now."

Listen to "All About Us" here and get to know more about Gabriel Munoz below!

Hi Gabriel, congratulations on your latest hit “All About Us”. Can you tell the listeners a bit about yourself?

Thank you! I’m from Los Angeles and I recorded all of my music in Long Beach, CA. I’ve been singing my entire life, but I really started to write my own songs back in college. I’m addicted to catchy hooks and songs that are inventive but really easy to catch on to.

What is the meaning of “All About Us”?

All About Us is about that rush you get when you go out and meet someone unexpectedly. It’s the best feeling and I wanted to capture that in a song and tell a story about spontaneity and affection for someone. And something you can dance to! 

Who are your musical influences?

It’s such a melting pot of influences I have, mainly from pop music and Christian music I was always around growing up. So Britney Spears, Usher, Hillsong, Diana Ross, who my mother loves, Gaga, literally so much! I think it all ended up contributing to my sound and thought process when writing. 

What about the LA music scene is helpful in furthering your career in music?

I would say the accessibility to producers, other artists, videographers, photographers, I feel like it’s always been a network and team of people I’ve relied on to help me launch my music, and being in LA is awesome for that. I’m thankful I was born and raised here and have that at my fingertips. I’ve also been able to perform at really cool venues that are a huge part of the music scene here.

What’s next for you?

I’ve been writing a lot since releasing my last EP Dynamite, so I want to get back in the studio and start recording and put out more music as soon as I can! I’m starting to get an idea of the sound I want to lean into next, so I’m super excited to get started on that. 


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