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We "Don't Stop The Party," When King Gamble Is Near

King Gamble, born and raised in New York City, Brooklyn, fell in love with creating music at the age of 10, he grew up with many inspirations such as Notorious BIG, Fabulous, and Jay-Z. These artists were his main encouragement and their creativity and drive helped him stay steady on his musical journey. King Gamble tells us that life is an ongoing party that we're meant to enjoy and that we're all riding this beautiful wave of life.

King Gamble brings a clean cloud of fresh air to the music scene with his R&B-driven instrumental and club vibes, serenading us away. He paired up with J-Cardy for the tough punchlines and hard knocks to give this record its solid overall sound. "Don't stop the party" is a must-have for your summer and nighttime playlists, keeping you hypnotized from beginning to end.

This record keeps you moving with J-Cardy spinning in and out of the beat with lines like, "Hands up! It's a vibe, everybody with me, drinks up!". He flexes the high-life to a woman that he speaks to in the second verse, saying she could have it all, as long as she has a good aura. Rightfully so, he keeps us dancing and bridges us perfectly towards King Gamble's tuneful vocals to lead us home.

We feel that this record by King Gamble & J-Cardy will have every person dancing to until the sun comes up! "Don't Stop The Party" is an exhilarating crossing between R&B, hip/hop, and pop, the most high-sounding trio we all know and love.

Welcome to BuzzMusic King Gamble! It's an honor to have you with us. As an artist who has been around for some time and has created several records, what was your main goal in creating this record, and what was the process like when piecing it all together?

First off I’d like to say thank you for having me on your platform. The process of creating this record was just a resurgence in timeless feel-good music. We wanted to give a track that can uplift you no matter what time of day or emotions you’re going through. You hear those first ad-libs and your mood instantly changes. Putting it together was seamless being that we had mutual intentions for the track to be a smooth-catchy club banger.

"Don't Stop The Party" features J-Cardy and we can definitely say it's the perfect combo! What was it like working with him and how was the process of assembling the record?

Man JCardy is family. That’s my brother right there so the chemistry is always at an all-time high. Once we heard the beat the lyrics flowed so seamlessly that we knew we had something special. We just build off each other’s brilliance time and time again and this is just another example of that.

Which skills have you gained that helped you perform more effectively as an artist?

I’ve learned that everyone is not going to be a fan of you at first. Matter of fact maybe never will be a fan and that’s perfectly ok. I’ve made the mistake before of making music for certain audiences and it worked but it was not fulfilling to me. The music I make now is strictly from the heart and reflects very much so in the tone and lyrics.

Music is universal and it’s a tool for different purposes. I want to touch the masses whether you are 15 or 65. At the end of the day, it’s the passion and love for the art that’s going to show through.

You have never stopped creating records and pursuing everything you need to within the industry, what are some of your most proud moments?

I got the chance to perform at Webster Hall at the height of its existence. I’ve been to BB King and Apollo Hall. Being from New York, that’s huge as an unsigned artist. Shout out to all the opportunities I’ve had because it’s something I’ve thought couldn’t happen.

Honestly, every time I put out a new piece of work is my proudest moment. I’ve been through it all from the “music groups”, the mooching entourages, to the fake managers looking for their own gain. I’ve triumphed through all of that and lapped those situations ten times over.

What's next for you?

I have a few projects coming up this year. 2020-2021 have been the toughest years of my music career mentally. This year I have a lot planned to shatter that dark cloud. I’m at peace with a lot of situations musically and personally so I’m excited to express it to the world.

My EP called the “Kings Experience” will be touching all platforms this summer.

I will make sure you guys get the exclusive listen on the tape.



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