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We Heard It First: “Fashion Of Love” By Jake Inzerra

New York City based artist, Jake Inzerra is an upcoming artist that originally comes from Shelton, Connecticut with a background in theatre. He would eventually study at Broadway Dance center in NYC. Some of Inzerra’s musical inspirations are Troye Sivan, Hayley Kiyoko, Ariana Grande, and Britney Spears. Inzerra makes music to empower people of his age and hopes to spread love and self-worth in his lyrics to remind his listeners that love is more powerful than hate.

With intent to empower his young listeners, his new single “Fashion Of Love” is about being able to be confident in oneself and not being afraid of the opinions of others.A catchy pop melody greets us while we listen intently to the interesting arrangement of instrumentals. A bright poppy synthed bassline picks up the groove along with the quickened house build up. Heavily syncopated, we got a cool transition from the verse to the bridge. Inzerra’s vocals are nice and sweet and compliment his unique choice of production choices. His lyrics are encouraging and really emphasizes the vision of helping empower others.This is a ready made bop that everyone will be jamming out to. Nothing is better than when a music artist uses their talents to help others with their personal struggles and outlook on life.

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