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We’re “Falling” For Dr Jayy’s New EP

Nigerian independent recording artist, producer, and singer-songwriter Dr Jayy blesses the ears with his third studio project, Falling.

Often referred to as the RebelDoctor, Dr Jayy uses music as an education advocacy tool, reaching out to the Nigerian youth and inspiring them to embrace education and a healthy lifestyle. Music aside, Dr Jayy is a trained veterinary doctor and pathologist, currently working on his Ph.D. at the University of Surrey.

Now releasing his third studio project, the 6-track EP Falling, all tracks are written and performed by Dr Jayy himself and span a variety of stimulating genres.

The new EP opens with the introductory track, "Showers of Blessings," kicking off the project with nothing but good vibes. Dr Jayy uses this song to let the listener kick back, relax, and enjoy the blessings they have. It's a groovy, mellow, and feel-good listening experience that showcases Dr Jayy's harmonious vocal stylings and engaging performance abilities.

Landing on track number two and the EP's title track, "Falling," this song was produced by Dr Jayy and Benzy. It opens on a spicy note with exciting Afrobeat production and the smoothest keyboard melodies. Dr Jayy jumps into the song with the utmost passion and devotion, hinting that he's happily "Falling" for this special someone. We love the upbeat and vibrant feel of this track; it's a perfect end-of-summer bop.

Reaching the album's third track and halfway point, "Good Feeling," Dr Jayy throws us into this stimulating sonic mix of Afrobeat, r&b, hip-hop, and electronic music. It doesn't take long for Dr Jayy to set the tone with his charming performance stylings and encourage us to move and groove. We give heavy props to producer Kinsu for packing this song with incredibly unique and unconventional production to keep things exciting and authentic.

Sweetening up the EP is the fourth track, "Sugarcane," which pumps through our speakers with gripping and buzzy production that travels into Latin territory but with a stellar Afrobeat vibe. Dr Jayy jumps into his native tongue with this track and starts the party with his upbeat performance stylings that fill us with energy and a lust for life. It's quite the dynamic song that brings a whole other sonic layer to the EP.

Slowing things down is the EP's fifth track, "Up and Down (feat. Elveektor & Lorenzo Menakaya)," which smoothly opens with warm psychedelic synths and groovy percussion. If you're looking for a good vibe, this song has it all. Elveektor's verse grabs our attention with all the passion we could imagine, which flows into Dr Jayy's equally passionate yet lighthearted verse. Lorenzo Menakaya closes the track with his smooth-sailing verse, ending our favorite song from the EP on a feel-good note.

Closing off the EP, we're met with the outro track, "What Do You Want," and a sweet sample of Timbaland and One Republic's "Apologize." This emotional song kicks off with rich and bold piano chords that shift into a synth and drum-heavy instrumental. Dr Jayy's lyrics break down the aftermath of a turbulent relationship, finding out his ex's true colors aren't as vibrant as he'd hoped. It's a good riddance kind of song that lets you bask in the glory of your newfound freedom.

There's truly a song for everyone on Dr Jayy's recent 6-track EP, Falling. Whether you're in the mood for a lively party banger or a modern-day ballad, Dr Jayy has something for you. Find Dr Jayy's newest EP, Falling, on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dr Jayy. We loved every song and vibe you delivered in your recent 6-track EP, Falling. When did you begin creating the project and bringing your ideas to life? How long did it take to create the EP?

I started thinking of making 'Falling,' the EP, soon after the release of my debut album, Stethoscopes & Headphones, in August 2020. There were a lot of hiccups on the journey, though. Regardless, I kept releasing singles while working on Falling. I had a mental sketch of what I wanted the project to be. When I felt I had what I wanted, in December 2021, I released the project!

Were there any life experiences or moments that inspired you to create the EP, Falling?

Definitely! My music resonates with my mood or experience at any moment. Each song has its story - some happy, some not-so-happy. Two songs stand out for me experientially - Showers of Blessings, Falling, and What Do You Want. Showers of Blessings was written at a point of frustration and hopelessness. It was an honest prayer for success and happiness. Falling, the second song on the EP, was written while in a happy, lovestruck state of mind! The last track, What Do You Want, was a heartbreak ode and documents my attempts to move on.

Do you have a favorite song from Falling? What song stands out to you the most and why?

It's really difficult to pick a favorite cos I put a lot of work into each song! But I'd say I had quite a strong connection to Showers of Blessings, which, surprisingly, was the quickest song to write and produce!

What sounds, genres, or artists were you influenced by when creating the production for Falling?

I consider myself a musical cross-breed. I listen to a wide range of genres, from RnB to Hip-hop, House, Soul, Jazz, and Afro-pop. My songs are typically a fine blend of two or more genres in one song. I listen to David Guetta, Sia, Bille Ellish, J Cole, Kelly Rowland, Ne-Yo, Kanye West, and oldies like Joe, Luther Vandross, Amy Winehouse, Lady Antebellum, Bob Marley.

What did you want the listener to experience when hearing Falling? What did you want them to feel or think?

'Falling' was written on a rollercoaster of emotions, moods, and styles, so hopefully, listeners can find a song to fit their style or mood at each point. I really want listeners to enjoy good, versatile music!

What's next for you?

As an independent artist, it's a gradual growth process. I'm currently enrolled in my Ph.D. in the UK, so that would definitely take some more attention. However, music is always gonna be there! Music for me isn't just about fame and fortune but a social and educational advocacy tool to reach out to thousands of young people, especially in my home country, Nigeria, to inspire them to embrace education and a healthy lifestyle through mentorship. Back in Nigeria, I run an educational foundation that focuses on helping secondary school students with their career choices. I firmly believe in the role of a good education in personal and community development. So these will be my focus for the near future.

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