We’re Feeling Absolutely At Ease With Fourth Born In His Latest Single “Last Cigarette"

The presence of Fourth Born’s sound, how it oscillates across your senses, is extremely stimulating (in a musical scene of course). We listened to Fourth Born once, and immediately fell in love with the alternative sound he’s able to produce with his vocalism. The lyrical aspect of Fourth Borns music is witty, honest and raw. What more can we ask from a musician? Fourth Born is another artist out of Ontario, Canada. A musician from the very start, Fourth Born relinquishes his emotion and vulnerability in his music, which can be easily understood and interpreted with the necessary kind of feel-good flow. His music is light-heartedness all the way, and we adore it. We also adore music that is relatable (but actually relatable). Fourth Born integrates messages throughout his music about the blunt truth of various life experiences. We need music like this, we want music like this, and thankfully we’ve received it once we gave a listen to Fourth Born.  

What a cool and collected vibe Fourth Born presents in his most recent single “Last Cigarette”. In terms of rhythm and tempo, we’re receiving heavy elements from the sound of Shakey Graves—definitely a twist with Fourth Borns exclusive vocalism. We’re feeling loose, relaxed and tranquil—we could seriously listen to Fourth Born’s voice all day. His music is the type that can make you feel like you are mindlessly floating on a  cloud. It’s amazing what some artists can blend together in their curation process. We feel sparked with a sense of joy throughout “Last Cigarette”. Fourth Born accentuates his music with how much soul he can really bring to what he’s singing about. We both seek and appreciate artists capable of bringing true soul to their music, and so we respect Fourth Born’s music incredibly. He’s the kind of indie/soul/alternative sound you want to be listening to right now. He’s trendy with the kind of wave the predominant indie/alternative music scene is wanting and needing right now. We cherished the craft Fourth Bornbrought to “Last Cigarette” and we know our BuzzMusic readers will too. 

Relax with us and listen to Fourth Born's “Last Cigarette” here. Continue reading for his personalized interview.