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We’re Feeling Anything But “Emotionless,” In Rick Christian’s Latest Single

Canadian music artist Rick Christian is all for putting a contemporary spin on the music we currently call electronic/dance. Putting forth intrinsic elements of his very soul, Rick Christian infuses his very personality into each and every song he creates. He takes the basic aspects of electronic music and puts a heavy, dark alternative twist so listeners can experience a grander understanding of the genre.

Rick Christian has mentioned that many of his influences arise from the very location he finds himself currently in Edmonton, Alberta. Extracting core characteristics, such as industrial inspirations, Rick Christian strives to uphold a rugged environment throughout his music, and he most definitely succeeds with the intensifying atmosphere he chooses to develop.

Such an intensified environment from Rick Christian can be better understood once you fully listen to his song. Our suggestion? His latest release, titled "Emotionless," even the title follows the general theme that we'd say Rick Christian aims for. Mingling electronic synths open up the song, which sent us into absolute hypnosis. With our attention stuck on the dramatic essence that "Emotionless" exudes, we're feeling all sorts of stimulation.

Rick Christian's vocals pierce their way into the mysterious energy that is consistently perpetuated. His voice demands attention, giving off a dignified yet haunting vibe. The lyrics are just as intense as the production of the song, and we feel completely enthralled by the twist and turns Rick Christian delivers.

"Emotionless" contains crazy electromechanics that Rick Christian undoubtedly impressed us with. The alternative nature of his style allows for unique and original sound to be crafted, and we're incredibly appreciative of the depths Rick Christian was eager to take on to elevate his song.

Take on the intricacies that Rick Christian has to offer in "Emotionless," available on digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Rick Christian. How does it feel to have your single, "Emotionless," out and available for listeners to experience?

It feels great! I always put a lot of work and thought into the production, planning, themes, and concepts for the songs/videos released. I’m always excited about the listeners' experience.

Once you heard the final version of "Emotionless" for the first time, what were the immediate thoughts you had? Did the song come to fruition as you initially envisioned it would?

In some ways, relief. After a long process of tinkering and adjusting, scrutinizing every aspect of production, it’s amazing to get the song as close as possible to where you envisioned it. I think this song surpassed my original expectations. When I got to a certain point in the process, I knew it was the song I wanted to roll with, develop and unleash into the world. As an artist that plays around with the electronic/dance genre with confidence, would you say there was ever a time when developing an alternative spin on the genre was a challenge rather than something that came naturally to you as an artist?

Right at the beginning. I had been experimenting with songwriting and recording. I recorded a couple of songs, and I thought they really stood out and were unlike anything I had heard before. I knew that was the style and direction I wanted to take. It took some time, trial and error, and being receptive to criticism. I feel the past few singles I’ve released have really offered listeners something truly new and unique we can all experience together.

How would you describe your ultimate experience in the music industry so far? As an electronic-based music artist, would you say there are any advantages or disadvantages you experience within the industry? It’s been a really long but enjoyable road most of the time. When you connect with people, it reminds and re-energizes you. One thing that has been very positive is how unique my music sounds. When it catches a listener, they are immediately interested in what I’m sharing with them. What can be a challenge sometimes is also that unique infusion of genres. Radio is very tight with brand/genre and programming. Planning a live show can be interesting in that way too, when trying to decide what kind of show you want to put on with styles and artists. It has also been a great strength as well. That infusion has enabled me to play live with artists from all sorts of genres and styles. What's next for you? I’ll continue doing what I love to do. I have some more singles/videos to release this year and continue to play and book live shows.


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