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Feel Calm With Tyler Allred’s Latest Single, “Upside Of Being Down”

Tyler Allred landed in California in 2017 and began his music career from the ground up (literally). Not only did this artist decide to move across the country, but he also did it by overcoming battles most of us can’t fathom having to overcome.

You can easily tell that Tyler Allred’s music is based on many of his personal experiences, which introduces that extremely raw aspect to music we don’t get enough of these days. His songs are authentic, to say the least—I became a fan the moment I listened to his music.

It’s crazy the kind of music we can find nowadays that we truly never knew we were missing out on until we hear it. In this case for me, I was missing out on Tyler Allred. And his latest single proves why my fellow folk/indie/alternative readers have been missing out too.  

Tyler really showcases his alternative talent in this track. “Upside of Being Down” immediately begins with Tyler’s calming and rustic voice—this created such a soothing ambience for me, and I fell in love right away. Allred lyricism is inspiring. My favorite lyric being in the chorus  “There’ s an upside to being down; you take a rough time and turn it around.”

“Upside of Being Down” is the kind of song that makes you feel at peace with yourself and all of your doings. It’s the kind of song that makes you feel like everything will be okay, in this case, approximately for 4 minutes and 12 seconds. What I appreciated the most on the artist's part was the way he perfectly executed the combination of soft and whimsical lyricism with the rustic and reminiscent feeling that can be so difficult to do well, and yet Tyler Allred did incredibly.

He truly executed this single with grace and created an experience for the listener. That is exactly what you’re supposed to do as a great artist. It’s obvious by now that I really enjoyed the production and talent of Tyler Allred (already added the single to my playlist), and I highly suggest you check out this blossoming artist in order to enjoy it with me.

Tyler! Hello! Introduce yourself to our BuzzMusic readers

Hello, I’m Tyler Allred. I’m originally from Battle Creek, Michigan. I live in L.A. now, and my life is pretty much all about music & ice cream.

We are complete fans of “Upside of Being Down” and the message behind it. Would you say your past struggles really inspired the curation of this song?

As far as the message goes, It really, at the time, was mostly a message to myself. I wrote “Upside of being down” while in and out of some of the absolute hardest years of my life. I think I was trying to tell myself, “Look, things look very dark and hopeless right now, but you can turn this whole thing around.” 

How do you personally feel when you’re listening to your own song?

I personally feel very grateful and reflective when I hear it. Also happy. I remember singing this song strung out and homeless in Michigan, and to hear it now produced the way it is by Kris Trindl, who is amazing, and streaming on Apple & Spotify, I just am pretty floored at how crazy life is. 

Who has inspired you the most to this day?

Musically: Elliott Smith, Conor Oberst, Personally: My mom, my daughter Kamdyn, Matt Crooks R.I.P., and all my dudes at the Stanley House. 

Are you planning on collaborating with any other artists anytime soon?

Always interested in collaborating. Starting recording for a new project almost immediately after my e.p. “Everything Is Fine,” comes out and very well may collab on a few tracks there or otherwise.


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