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We're Vibing With SKVR's "In The Air"

Oskars Uhaņs, better known by stage name SKVR (pronounced “skar”) is a Latvian music producer and DJ blending several popular genres into his own concoction.

SKVR's latest song featuring EXPSR and Katrîna Kreile "In The Air" has an Ariana feel to it that could seep its way into an Anjunadeep promo under the right circumstances. It then goes towards a slightly more trapped-out destination, before pulling back via an EDM flourish that adds a hipster, Chainsmokers-type vocal twang to the chorus.

Uhaņs kicked off his electronic journey in 2013, and brought his vision to reality with his remix of "So Close To Me" by Astro'n'out the following August. "In The Air," however, Tokyo slow-drifts through the pop-rap Versace flow to new Kanye West-style warmth and a downtempo take on Ultra Music releases. Because, on the one hand we’re greeted with a Rihanna-esqe “You take me higher” and hear “Love is in the air” on the chorus. But there are darker elements, like the provocative “Fuccoi do you really want beef?” line, for example. It’s a very smooth conception, and you can’t help but want to hear what’s on the horizon from Latvia.

Don't miss out on SKVR's "In The Air," and get to know the artist better through his interview below!

Who are some of your musical influences?

I am really inspired by artists who can create good and unpredictable popular music for example Flume, Dj Snake, Martin Garrix, Fabian Mazur. Even though I have classical music background and I used to listen to rock and old-school hip hop when I was a kid.

Are you surprised at the ways in which the rap and electronic worlds have kind of cross-pollinated?

Not at all. We all know that rap music is a parasite genre. With that being said I want to remind that hip hop was all about sampling. Rappers used jazz samples, classical music samples and other samples from different genres. I must admit that rap and electronic world sounds really good together.

What is your favorite part of “In The Air” when you listen to it?

EXPSR verse for sure. In spite of the fact that his voice and song-writing skills are really underrated, everyone should put him on their watchlist.

What are some of the challenges when it comes to finishing a track?

Production-wise finishing a track is hard if I don’t desire showing it to others. Also I have to be very patient when it comes to deciding release strategies. Other than that the biggest challenge is to keep moving on and being mentally stable.

Do you have any musical goals you can’t wait to accomplish?

Of course touring would be great and I feel ready for that, but its more of a business side of artist career. My musical goals are to keep bringing new tracks and giving people the vibe they deserve. I am free. I don’t imitate. That’s what differs me from another artist.


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