We Struck Gold With Alfie Templeman's Latest EP, "Happiness In Liquid Form"

Bedfordshire's own Alfie Templeman releases a soaring alt-pop EP titled, 'Happiness In Liquid Form.'

The name Alfie Templeman might ring a bell, as you may have seen the rising alt-pop star on 90ft billboards in Times Square and Central LA. Landing his music amongst many radio stations and international press releases, we're honored to feature the talented 17-year-old artist and his latest EP "Happiness In Liquid Form." Alfie takes us on a transcendent ride through the past couple of decades, while spicing up the project with his sweet-sounding vocals and catchy melodies.

With thorough alt-pop production and organic instrumentals, the "Happiness In Liquid Form" EP serves vastly different atmospheres for a textured storyline. 

Opening the EP with the title track "Happiness In Liquid Form," an upbeat tempo pushes through this track with bright electric guitar melodies, dynamic pop production, and Alfie Templeman's playful and catchy vocals. The hook takes us back to early 00s alt-pop with Alfie's layered and softly filtered vocals, west coast-infused electric guitar, and spirited synth progressions. Alfie Templeman sings a fun-loving message of experiencing that rush when falling for someone and vocalizes these emotions with heart while singing over the pronounced alt-pop beat. While the beat breaks down around the bridge, Alfie picks us back up with energy and pushes us over to the next track.

"Things I Thought Were Mine" brings us back to modern-day alt-pop with island-like synths and a groovy mid-tempo pop beat supported by pulsing electric guitar. While Alfie Templeman begins vocalizing, he starts on a mellow note while feeding off the song's escalating energy and delivering us this funky alternative space around the hook. The electric guitar melodies fire through the track and establish the dynamic atmosphere, all of which Alfie Templeman supports with his relatable lyrical message. Singing of tainted love and fighting for someone who isn't entirely worth it, we're truly loving the vast space and range within the project so far.