Welcome To The World Of Laura Cheadle

Hey Laura Cheadle! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We really appreciated the blend of sounds incorporated in your latest single "Reverberate". Tell us more about how you came to create this particular song?

Hi there! The idea for the ‘Reverberate’ music video was to create an animation around the song. I met KXB Studio at a music festival and I thought it would be such a different idea to have everyone in the music video animated, except for me. The video features a guy and girl who meet in a club and end up leaving together. The song is very sexy about Lust, so you see them dancing throughout the video while I am featured on stage. When we filmed the video, there were actual dancers that were later turned into animation!

"Reverberate" felt packed with passion and emotion. Do you find it easy to pour your raw emotions into your music? Are you comfortable with being exposed musically to your listeners?

I am very comfortable with it. My entire heart is in my songs and I can’t just write a song to write it; I have to be feeling the emotion. When I come up with a song, it’s like a therapy session for my soul. I love and live for the release.

We can imagine your performances would be completely electric, yet intimate. Do you feel that you connect with your listeners when performing?

It’s interesting because my live show is completely  different than some of my ‘Chill’ songs. My live show is lively where everyone is dancing with my high energy all night long! I love these intimate songs that I write because it shows a different side of me compared to my live performance.

How do you feel your earlier music compares to your newer music, specifically in terms of your latest single "Reverberate"?

My earlier music is all over the map. I am a funk, soul, blues & R&B singer. As I stated earlier, I write when I am inspired and that’s not genre specific. I think it’s so cool when artists are able to go out of their usual ‘sound’ and explore musically. 

Would you say that you're content with how you are as an artist today? Is there any other element you want to integrate into your music?

I am always changing and growing with inspiration. I like to keep my soulful voice under funky tracks. The inspiration will lead me anywhere I need to go! I am open to collaborate with other artists and my upcoming album will feature a lot of that!

It was a treat to present your music here on BuzzMusic! Any parting words for our BuzzMusic readers?

Yes! Please check out my animated music video for ‘Reverbate’ here and show it some YouTube love! Please also steam my latest album ‘Chill’ on Spotify and join me on Instagram! My tour dates are posted on lauracheadle.com.


Listen to Laura Cheadle's new album "Chill" on Spotify.