Westerly Creates Vivid Imagery Through Lyrics on “Reason to Believe”

The grassroots of an acoustic folk guitar lead us into Westerly's new single: "Reason to Believe." Westerly focuses on music that celebrates right American Folk music, but by injecting modern elements, they can create rare perspectives for the music scene. "Reason to Believe" sounds like a classic from the moment you press play. Sterling Spence unleashes lead vocals that envelope you in warmth and familiarity, and the harmonic back up vocals sung by Jessica Lips, are ghostly and memorizing.

"Reason to Believe" does strike the chords of a folk melody, but the almost hip-hop-style beat the song moves along to, elevates the track into its arena. "Reason to Believe" is set to complex lyrics that don't take you down the traditional storytelling route. Instead, "Reason to Believe" paints a vivid biography of a character throughout the song. The lyrics are rich, and you can almost picture what the character looks like, what they're doing, and their current emotional state, all from the lyrics. A vision of a woman alone, struggling with her inner thoughts. From the lyrics, we can see her standing in her kitchen putting on a spot of tea, memories of her father flooding through her subconscious as she waits in silence for her tea kettle to whistle, reassuring herself with words her mother spoke: "quit your cryin, tell yourself a story about the way you wish the world was meant to be." It's rare to hear a song that makes the listener pause so intently and envision the songs subject matter so clearly; Westerly certainly has a special gift in their artistry.

Discover Westerly’s greatness for yourself and listen to “Reason to Believe” here.

Hello Westerly, and welcome to BuzzMusic! We were blown away with your new single “Reason to Believe”. The song is so complex and descriptive, how long did you spend on this project?