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Westside Webb Has “Different Goals,” in Mind

Long Beach, CA native, hip-hop recording artist, and rapper Westside Webb bless the eyes and ears with his new music video for "Different Goals," off his latest album, Player Games Pt. 1.

The impactful recording garnered his loyal fanbase through meaningful tracks that discuss the hustle, grind, and, most importantly, the struggle. With each track, we get to see another side of Webb as he continues to build on the theme of life and his personal experiences.

Listeners can better understand Westside Webb's lyrical impact through his latest album, Player Games Pt. 1. In his own words, "Life inspired this project. Everyday hustle, struggle, and living."

Webb also hopes listeners can take something away from the album, " makes me happy to see people happy while listening to something I created from scratch from my own thought process," he says.

On the album's fourth track, "Different Goals," we get to see the side of Westside Webb that's reaping his rewards after battling through life's trials and tribulations. Produced by Uce Lee, the song carries uplifting, we-made-it energy that feels like a well-deserved vacation after grinding it out.

The song's music video showcases a similar theme: Westside Webb takes us through the Long Beach club scene, jet skiing on sky-blue waters, and, of course, hitting the studio. Westside Webb's performance stylings grab our attention right off the bat, and listening to his rhythmic flow is effortless. He continues cruising through our speakers while discussing what brought him towards success; determination, talent, and "Different Goals."

We could all learn a thing or two from Westside Webb and his track, "Different Goals." Treat your eyes to a visual vacation with the song's music video, and find the album, Player Games Pt. 1, on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Westside Webb. We truly admire your honest and personal songwriting approach within your recent album, Player Games Pt. 1. What inspired you to create this project?

I was working on a new project after being caught on the web. The name of the first beat I listened to was called Player Games, and it kind of just hit me like, I’m living through these times, and so are all of us. And we all playing this game called “life,” and I can use this concept to help propel me and everyone that taps in through this game called “life” through my music.

How does the track "Different Goals" fit into the concept or theme of your album, Player Games Pt. 1?

The concept and recurring theme behind different goals are really high-frequency activities, from vacations to the purchase of high-value assets im just really trying to convey how big you can take it. I was raised to be a leader and not a follower, so to understand that and see it put into action by not only me but everyone around me, from my friends and family to every member of my team, we’re all striving for a common goal of lavishness and excellence.

What sort of visual experiences did you want to give viewers with the music video for "Different Goals?" Who helped you bring it to life?

For the different goals video, s/o my dawg Lvcero, I try to show real-life situations I partake in, nothing fabricated. I just wanted to give ppl a firsthand view of my life. The only thing different about that weekend is that we brought a cameraman.

How does Player Games Pt. 1 contrast your previous 2022 album, Caught In The Webb? What's different between these two projects?

Caught in the Webb as my sophomore project was really about me finding myself more as an artist. With Caught in the Webb, I hoped to just get my vision across, who I am. What I’m about. And really get my intention understood. Player Games is a little more of a full-circle moment. We Ran One Whole Lap, and we are just getting started.


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