What's Her Name? "KiTTN"

Priding herself on unique flows, lyricism, and wordplay, rapper KiTTN continues to redefine her distinctive sound through dynamic studio recordings encapsulated by Jive, Funk, Hip- hop, and EDM.

A Chicago transplant, currently based out of New York City, KiTTN has made it her staple to transform poetry and short stories into magnetic records with mass appeal.

With a long list of achievements, 2020 has been unbelievably eventful for this hard-hitting artist. KiTTN has been keeping her diehard fan base fueled up through online performances, music videos, and single releases. Taking her personal experiences and spinning them into hit records KiTTN started this year with “Washing my Hands,” a striking marriage of classical horns and trap beats encouraging you to get rid of toxicity.

Reflecting a flirtatious nature she then went on to “Tipping the Scales,” which brought out a true sultry and confident vibe. “Brand New,” had her adapting to an unconventional writing technique through summertime meets butterflies in the tummy ambiance while “Don’t Wait” showcased her harmonizing techniques while exhibiting poetry in motion.

Collaborating with SH3 for “Sunshine,” a slow tempo, smooth R&B melody, all the way to “I Know You So Well,” where KiTTN offers up a softer side of herself, resisting the urge to cloud the space where the bass line sits, KiTTN comes back swinging with her self-titled ninth single “KiTTN.”

Produced by musical architect Orioncreates, the song title speaks for itself as KiTTN plays no games, settling comfortably into the Rap and Hip-Hop industry. This one’s all about the rhymes as KiTTN confidently inserts her presence into the “femcee” league.