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What's Her Name? "KiTTN"

Priding herself on unique flows, lyricism, and wordplay, rapper KiTTN continues to redefine her distinctive sound through dynamic studio recordings encapsulated by Jive, Funk, Hip- hop, and EDM.

A Chicago transplant, currently based out of New York City, KiTTN has made it her staple to transform poetry and short stories into magnetic records with mass appeal.

With a long list of achievements, 2020 has been unbelievably eventful for this hard-hitting artist. KiTTN has been keeping her diehard fan base fueled up through online performances, music videos, and single releases. Taking her personal experiences and spinning them into hit records KiTTN started this year with “Washing my Hands,” a striking marriage of classical horns and trap beats encouraging you to get rid of toxicity.

Reflecting a flirtatious nature she then went on to “Tipping the Scales,” which brought out a true sultry and confident vibe. “Brand New,” had her adapting to an unconventional writing technique through summertime meets butterflies in the tummy ambiance while “Don’t Wait” showcased her harmonizing techniques while exhibiting poetry in motion.

Collaborating with SH3 for “Sunshine,” a slow tempo, smooth R&B melody, all the way to “I Know You So Well,” where KiTTN offers up a softer side of herself, resisting the urge to cloud the space where the bass line sits, KiTTN comes back swinging with her self-titled ninth single “KiTTN.”

Produced by musical architect Orioncreates, the song title speaks for itself as KiTTN plays no games, settling comfortably into the Rap and Hip-Hop industry. This one’s all about the rhymes as KiTTN confidently inserts her presence into the “femcee” league.

KiTTN makes one thing clear as day as we hit play on this vivacious self-titled record, she wants us to know her name. KiTTN brings an undeniable liveliness as she fearlessly attacks the trap style beat in a contagious manner. Transporting you to her state of mind and the realm of creativity that she offers up, you can hear the beloved essence we know and love from her sizzle through each witty quip performed.

Removing the complexity of hidden messages and meanings, KiTTN raises your spirits as you are urged to dance to the beat of her own drum. Taking you on a one way trip to her gravitational spirit, you can’t help but notice that it sounds like she is gunning for the title as she makes it known that the artists who lack creativity can kick rocks.

You will most literally not be able to sit down for this record that is dressed in a late-night club ambiance as you turn up the speakers and press repeat. The memorable call and response chorus that has us yelling her name, is the perfect touch to bring home this larger than life record that leaves KiTTN at the top of her league.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, KiTTN, and congratulations on the latest release of your self-titled single, “KiTTN.” The energy that you brought out in this track has us sky-high. What inspired you to create a self-titled record of the caliber?

Hey, what’s up BuzzMusic! Thank you for having me. I wrote this song at the height of the pandemic. Like everyone, I was itching for a distraction from reality, so a handful of my closest friends and I rented a lakehouse and I spent several days meditating by the water. On one of those days, I was listening to some beats, and the minute I came across one from Orioncreates, I felt seduced by the “clap” sound at minute 0:48. The result was a full song written in 30 minutes.

What was the recording session like when crafting “KiTTN?"

It’s always a vibe, recording with Madeinqns at Stronger Bond Studio in NYC. We were both rocking to this beat before I even started to rhyme, which created the high-energy mood this beat craves. I was so hyped. We had a good laugh about the fact that making a self-titled song is very much a “rapper” thing to do. Not mad at it though. I always wanted to make a song that forced my audience to chant my name back to me; this track was the perfect vehicle for that moment. Took a few takes to get the recording just right, because I challenged myself to rap with a faster cadence than I’m used to, and I am really happy with the finished product. I was definitely channeling energy from Missy Elliot and Big Freedia in this session!

Throughout the hectic journey of 2020, what is one thing that you have had to adapt to in a new way of living to keep on trucking with your music career?

I’ve had to tighten up my at-home recording process. When the pandemic first hit us and everything closed down, I had to pivot and learn how to communicate my vision for a song remotely. I read a few books like All You Need To Know About The Music Business and Music Theory for Computer Musicians, so when I was liaising with engineers online, I could speak intelligently about the process and use the proper verbiage when I wanted certain elements added to my songs.

You’ve released seven singles this year and each has its own spotlight. Is there anyone that resonates with you more than the others? If so, what’s your reasoning for that?

That’s easy - I Know You So Well (IKYSW) is my favorite song this year for sure. I put so much heart and soul into the lyrics, the process of choosing the right track, and the recording session. When I was writing this song, the beat left so much room for creativity so I took full advantage of that. Although I already recorded a song that blends rapping and singing (Don’t Wait), I wanted to create something similar, but with more depth. So as I was writing the lyrics to IKYSW, I made notes on my lyric sheet to indicate where I wanted to sing vs rap. Throughout this process, I also started using a variety of vocal exercises to help me improve my pitch accuracy & flexibility, tone, and falsetto. Because I put so much work into this song, that’s what makes it resonate with me the most. It has also been my highest streaming song to date, so I feel like that work paid off.

What would you like your listeners to take away from “KiTTN?"

I want people to feel invigorated when they listen to KiTTN. This is the song that makes you get up and dance, or pump through your headphones when you're in #beastmode at the gym, or blast in your car. It’s an instant mood booster!

You’ve released four music videos in 2020! Could you please tell the audience; for which songs you’ve released visuals for and what can we expect from a music video from KiTTN?

The first video I made this year was for Tipping The Scales. New York was still heavily locked down, which is evident in how empty the streets are in the video. I used that opportunity to capture some unique shots in Times Square as well as the rooftop of my building. I filmed Brand New mostly in Central Park. Some parts were filmed in Brooklyn, courtesy of my two friends who are also on the cover art for this song. The video for Sunshine was a compilation of funny and cute video clips from my family and friends, which I edited together. The remaining footage was filmed at random locations in Philadelphia, PA. My latest video for KiTTN was the most fun to film. For this video, I recruited the help of my friend Kevin to film shots of myself and my two cousins walking through parts of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The remaining shots were filmed in Brooklyn and feature Afro Dancers JammersGH. I like to make videos that feel personal and fun. When I film videos, I always have my audience in mind and try to create as many opportunities for storytelling and connect with them as much as possible. I want my videos to be as addictive as the song, and to be entertaining enough to stand on their own.

What is the number one lesson you have learned this year?

Celebrate all your achievements no matter how big or small. Time is fragile and isn’t gifted to everyone; I’ve had this on my mind a lot in 2020. I want my music and behavior to leave a positive legacy, and I want to help as many people along the way as possible by sharing whatever knowledge I’ve gained with others. I try to use my time wisely, not just making great music but also paying my blessings forward.



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