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Where’s Tino? Creates An Entirely New Sensation With “I Want To”

Where’s Tino? Is an alternative rock band based out of New Jersey. Their members? This dynamic collective consists of Jenn Wolff (vocals, keys/synth, Mike Boylan (vocals, guitar), ), Jake Reid (drums), Scott Rescigno (bass) and Kevin Mullahy (lead guitar). Influenced by such bands as The Cars, Rooney, and Oasis, Where's Tino has the unique ability to produce a sound that blends '80s synth-rock with 90's alternative music.

From their EP, “The Girl From Bangs Avenue”, Where’s Tino? Come’s through smashing with their unforgettable hit, “I Want To”. the poised become resonated from the lush vocalist and his passionately propelled delivery. The aesthetic of “I Want To” gave me a sense of nostalgia. It transports me into a past generation where I was highly into the genre of rock music. It was a time-period where music was timeless and unforgiving. “I Want To” had colorful radiation of energy that gets the listener jamming alongside with the music subconsciously. After listening to “I Want To” I started to mentally question how dope it would be to watch this band live. I mean they completely impressed us with one single, imagine how mesmerizing and monumental it would be to become elevated into the music with a whole live show experience? The brighter side of it is that Where’s Tino? Is indeed having live shows all around the Jersey Shore and NYC this summer.

Live shows:

The Chubby Pickle in Highlands, NJ on Friday July 12th

The Downtown in Red Bank, NJ on Tuesday July 23rd *acoustic show

Listen to "I Want To" here.

Connect with Where's Tino? on social media:


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