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White Coat Motel's New Release "Motel" Is Everything We Need in a Good Album

White Coat Motel is a New York Indie/Rock band, curating tracks that incorporate dark, passionate, and soft elements in the most elemental way. Their aspiration for music is clearly evident throughout their soundings, and that foundational execution is undoubtedly there.

Consisting of band members Eugene Reilly, Christian Lee, Jonny Logue & Samantha Slater, White Coat Motel draws the artistic abilities of each member, blending together a sound that can only be called wholesome. White Coat Motel has come out with their debut album "MOTEL", which was recorded in both London and New York. Released only a few weeks ago, the band showcased their ultimate harmony through this curation.

One particular track we focused on was "Alive, Temporarily"--a track that fully embodies a unique sense of musical execution (you'll understand what we mean once you give it a listen to). The vocal side to their performance contrasts from the production aspect of the track, and yet complement each other in the best way possible. You're going through an elevating experience and journey with White Coat Motel as a whole in "Alive, Temporarily". The reason we feel most compelled to this particular track was the monumental shift in harmony from the first half of the song, to the second. White Coat Motel built themselves up to a strong ending in "Alive, Temporarily"--one that felt both unified and confident. Their genre isn't contained within one specific category, and once you give their recent album a full listen to, you'll feel in sync with that construct. 

Listen to "Alive, Temporarily" here.

Hey White Coat Motel! Can we start off by asking where you drew the inspiration for the name of the band?

Visions of an apocalypse covered in white linen straight jackets bathed in a flickering red neon sign. Room 23. Once you check-in, you can never check out.

Congratulations on the release of "MOTEL"! It's incredibly exciting that this project has finally released. How did each of you find the collaborative side of the album to be? 

A long beautifully surreal road trip with many unexpected pits stops across multiple continents.

"Alive Temporarily" had such a robust passion being showcased as you progressed throughout the song, especially so once you hit the last third of the track. Is this an easy feeling to manifest when recording the track, or do you find it challenging to maintain that energy as recording goes on?

The singer starts drinking alone. By the end of the song, he has entered the heaven of old friends living and dead who drink with him as the walls burn and the floors collapse. 

Chaos reigns.

Tell us how the premiere of "Alive Temporarily" went to the Woodstock Film Festival?! Can you describe the crowd's energy to hear this debut?

It was an internet premiere. Analytics suggest we’ve already had repeat offenders. The filmmaker's side of us felt very pretty at the festival.

Now that "MOTEL" is officially released and out there, what's the next plan for you collectively as a band?

More mystery and live visions. 



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