WHOAA Releases Heartfelt Song "Candy Love"

If you ever miss the retro, funky, and outgoing era of the classic 70's then you should take one look at this genre-bending, culture-shocking duo and one can see how their name fits so perfectly! Going by the name of “WHOAA”, this iconic duo consists of female vocalist known as “Ring” and artist “Dolla”, whom are both an eye-catching pair that's nothing less than a breath of fresh air in today's crowded music scene. Equipped with a highly energetic stage performance and a commercially sensible image, ”WHOAA” embodies an innate “realness” to their larger than life personalities, evidenced through their avid fan interactions at their concerts and via social media.

“Candy Love” has that feel good and soulful vibes that this current era of music is lacking. It’s fun, bubbly and so retro it brings a sudden sense of happiness. A song that’s sure to uplift any mood from negative to positive we can add this to any of our mood-shifting, exuberant playlists that we listen to with the sole purpose to have fun and enjoy the music. Both artists have intricate and classic voices to them that coexist flawlessly on a track together. The music video for “Candy Love” was fun and cute to view. Their vision is certainly creative and out of the box. The playful transitions between scenes and showing many displays of an retro era with funky choice of clothing was fulfilling to see.

This song in my opinion, embraces the radiance of music. Let loose and have fun with “Candy Love’ and this emerging soon to be breakout stars “WHOAA” an acronym for “When Heart Opens And Attract”

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/SAYWHOAA