WHYJOHNNY Sings a Detailed Story With, "Face Like a Ghost"

The Native New Yorker and Singer/Songwriter WHYJOHNNY releases his descriptive single "Face Like a Ghost."

Although he was born in 2001, WHYJOHNNY still feels that pull towards 90s culture and music. Pushing back and forth between his expression and internal conflicts, we can hear his passion through each breath he takes.

Especially on his latest single "Face Like a Ghost," WHYJOHNNY sings a detailed story of being haunted and followed by a little girl with a "Face Like a Ghost." With mid-tempo rhythm and bright folk instrumentals, WHYJOHNNY brings a heartfelt tune with a vastly intriguing lyricism that takes us through his hauntings. 

Starting the track with transcendent acoustic guitar picking and WHYJOHNNY's clear vocals, "Face Like a Ghost" brings us into the storyline right from the jump. WHYJOHNNY begins describing a ghostly experience where he and his friends traveled up a haunted building to an eerie room and discovered something beyond this plane.

Being in awe of what he found, "Face Like a Ghost" not only tells his story with exceptional detail but truly makes a beautiful song through uplifting instrumentals that remind us of the ones who've lived and loved before us. A mesmerizing piece, WHYJOHNNY's "Face Like a Ghost" is undoubtedly a track you'll get lost in. 

Listen to "Face Like a Ghost" here, and be sure to check out WHYJOHNNY's EP ‘Because’ available on July 31.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're intrigued by the storyline you've provided with your single "Face Like a Ghost." Is the song meant to be taken literally, and was it inspired by real events?

Thank you! Glad to be a part of the community. My song “Face Like a Ghost” is directly inspired by a dream, so in a way, it was inspired by real events. The lyrics are just there to tell the story. 

Within your single "Face Like a Ghost," you serve blissful and uplifting instrumentals. Why did you choose to make the song so uplifting, even though your lyricism is a bit haunting?

The dream was a haunting one for sure, but once I woke up I felt relieved. Relieved that the dream was over. So lyrically I am telling the story of the dream but musically I am foreshadowing the feeling you would get when waking up from a haunting dream.  

You have mentioned that your songwriting process is marked with the tension between your expression and internal conflicts. How do you battle this out during your songwriting process?

I just try not to think about it and I try not to block it out. I invite any pain or internal conflict when I write. I try not to fight any feeling when I write no matter how unwanted that feeling may be. 

We've heard that you have a variety of demos that describe your journey in life and as an artist. What should we anticipate from these songs, and are you planning to release them anytime soon?

For me, the EP closes a chapter in my life that I have been trying to let go of for a while. Now that it's finished I am planning on bringing my favorite demos to a few of my musician friends at Berklee to start really bringing them to life. These demos all have a somewhat melancholic feel to them and are lyrically less direct. 

What's next?

I will be using those demos to put together a full-length album, and as soon as venues start opening up I will start playing shows again. I might even get a tour going to promote the album. We’ll see.