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Whylemin Begins Her Journey To Independence With Debut Single, "Do You Ever Wonder"

Hailing from Stockholm is a new singer-songwriter and recording artist Whylemin with her lush and conceptual debut single entitled "Do You Ever Wonder."

The blossoming recording artist studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston and took up many freelance assignments as a choir singer and pianist. With producer Calle Johansson, Whylemin was able to find a sound that's both powerful and gentle, signifying that there's strong within the weak.

Listeners can hear Whylemin's influences shine through on her debut single, "Do You Ever Wonder," reminiscent of acts like Robyn and Susanne Sundfør. In the new song, "there is both anger and love, and it can be difficult to distinguish what is what, as it happens when you are let down by someone you love," notes Whylemin.

Hitting play on the debut single, "Do You Ever Wonder," we're met with a soft electronic framing through ghostly background pads while a dreamy and atmospheric piano melody shines through. As Whylemin makes her tender and gentle vocal appearance, she begins to sing about the time it takes to mend a broken heart, only to realize that this is her first step in the journey.

We adore the strength and vulnerability it took for Whylemin to create this single, as it's bound to move emotional mountains for vastly different listeners. This calming piano ballad leaves us with chills down the spine thanks to the rising anticipation that's packed with the softest electronic synths and pads, reminding us that this journey may be treacherous, but it can only go up from here.

"Do You Ever Wonder" what emotional and cathartic music sounds like? Find out with Whylemin's debut single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Whylemin, and congratulations on releasing your debut single, "Do You Ever Wonder"? How does this song introduce listeners to who you are? Why did you want to release this piece as your debut?

Thank you!! I’m releasing “Do You Ever Wonder” as the first song in a timeline of songs I’ve written, of how I tried to heal my broken heart, only to realize it was just breaking into smaller pieces. This song is a monologue about my very first heartbreak and the ugly emotions you’re left with when someone you love leaves you. My music is about letting yourself be strong in your weaknesses and about finding strength through nature’s calming and time’s healing powers, and I think this song manifests that.

What was it like writing your vulnerable lyrics for "Do You Ever Wonder"? Was this a challenging process, seeing that it's the first time your words will be in the public's reach?

Oh yes, it’s probably been the greatest challenge of my life so far! It’s rather exhausting to make music that’s so personal and reflects your deepest scars, so I’ve had to do it a bit piece by piece. That’s why it’s taken some time, but time is good. I needed time to immerse myself in these dark and ugly feelings to get through them, and now I can stand proud of the music that’s come out of it.

How did producer Calle Johansson help create "Do You Ever Wonder"? What was your collaborative experience like?

I started working with Calle about a year ago, when my best friend said “maybe you should work with Calle!” after I’d had a six-month break from music because I’d lost all motivation, but then realized I probably just needed to find a producer. At first, I was really nervous to let someone else into my creative process since it had just been me up till that point, but I knew I had to. Thankfully, with Calle, it felt right from the start. He’s been so allowing and encouraging, and we have so much fun working together. Fun is important! He really helped me make “Do You Ever Wonder” into the desperate fever dream I thought it could be with his brilliant musical and technical skills.

Could you tell us more about why starting a record label is so important to you? What should we know about Whylemin Music?

I’ve always been very independent and like being in control, so it felt natural to me to also take on full responsibility for my music business's creative and financial structure. This way I will always own my own vision. Whylemin Music will be the voice for all the forever singles out there.


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