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Wild Horse is Eager to Share Their, "Record Collection"

Hailing from East Sussex, the alternative-rock trio Wild Horse releases the first of three forthcoming singles with their latest uplifting and romantic release, "Record Collection."

Consisting of Jack Baldwin, Henry Baldwin, and Ed Barnes, Wild Horse is widely known for its catchy melodies that incorporate sounds like pop, classic rock, punky reggae, blue-eyed soul, dirty funk, rap, Latin, and much more. With four full-length albums under their belt, Wild Horse is constantly delving into more creative endeavors while promising their fans consistent singles.

Releasing their heartwarming and catchy single, "Record Collection," Wild Horse mentions that the song touches on feeling a connection with someone and taking them home for the sole reason of sharing a similar music taste and wanting to sit by the record player for hours. The song brings us into a heartfelt and lively atmosphere with a smile on our faces through the band's warm and playful vibe.

Diving into "Record Collection," the track begins with spunky alternative instrumentals that bring us slivers us nostalgic surf rock through their twangy electric guitars. As the rhythmic and mid-tempo drums lead the song down a heartfelt path accompanied by Jack Baldwin's bright vocal portrayal, he begins letting us into the song's theme through lyrics that describe his excitement to share his music taste with someone he recently formed a connection with.

As the song continues to drift through our speakers with its playfulness and upbeat vibe, Wild Horse leaves us tapping our feet to the song's irresistible beat and joyful undertones. Reaching the outro, the entire instrumentals glisten through our speakers while ending the song on a note of passion and enthusiasm.

Pre-save "Record Collection," here, which is available on July 1st, on all streaming platforms.

We adore the playful and spirited vibe of your latest single, "Record Collection." Was this song inspired by actual events? Or something you wish to be true?

The song was less inspired by personal real events and more sort of real events that everyone goes through. The song is about that situation many people find themselves in where they have a friendship with someone from the opposite sex, but they get the wrong idea and try to take it further. It’s also a nod to normalizing platonic friendships between two people of the opposite sex.

Could you break down how your trio wrote and recorded your single, "Record Collection?" How did you divide your band's creative process?

“Record Collection” came about during the first lockdown when frontman and main songwriter Jack had locked himself in the studio and was on a huge writing spree. The song, amongst others, was brought to the band a couple of months later and they all instantly loved it. It felt new and different. We then went straight into recording it ourselves from home and experimenting with synths, different drum patterns, and other layered sections which added a whole new atmosphere to the track. It all came together very quickly as we just kept working on it until it was done without really any breaks as we were just so excited about the song.

In terms of how the band usually divides the creative process, Jack usually writes the song and will bring it to the band, putting their own stamp on it. Ed would go away and work on a drum part that best suits the song and Henry will go and work on the bassline/guitar work and we often all work together on backing vocals and synths. We always try to make every element of the song have a hook to draw people in and keep our sound meaningful and interesting.

Do most of your songs offer this classic and nostalgic vibe, similar to the 60s sound and feel of your latest single, "Record Collection?"

The nostalgia of the 60s and 70s has always been an important part of our sound. When we started the band way back when we were kids in 2013, we aimed to take the sound of the classics and re-vamp it and make it relevant to an era that is so dependent on technology. It is a totally different world today than what it was in the 60s and 70s and so, whilst there will always be an element of that in our sound, we are aware that music must adapt and keep updating itself with the times as well.

Could you drop any hints as to what we should anticipate from your other forthcoming singles? Will you bring a similar upbeat and playful vibe as your recent single "Record Collection?"

In terms of the next singles, expect something quite different. In this band, we hate writing the same thing over and over again and so variety is so important to us. Whilst we love our playful songs like “Record Collection,” you can certainly also expect some more candid, down-tempo songs coming. We aim to always expand our musical range, and this is only getting bigger as we grow.

What's next for you?

Good question. It will be interesting to see what the future holds, we certainly have plans but, as Mike Tyson once said, “everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face.” Over the last year, this quote has meant a lot to the band as we planned to gig extremely heavily during 2020 but that didn’t happen for obvious reasons. But with every hurdle in life, there is an opportunity. Without Covid, we wouldn’t have been able to write our forthcoming new material. So, in terms of the future, we hope to continue to grow our fan base and to develop our sound even further. We hope to get back to gigging regularly as soon as possible and maybe even go abroad for a European or American tour. Whatever happens, we’re sure that it’s going to be a fun ride!



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