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Wild Berry Releases Voluptuous Single, "You Put a Spell On Me"

Haitian-American Singer/Songwriter Annie Cadet, known artistically as Wild Berry, ventures into the Indie, R&B, and Neo-Soul genres, which brings many flavorful aspects to her songs.

Professionally beginning her singing career in 2019, Wild Berry has been constructing creative expressions of sound that are finally ready to be shared with listeners. Wild Berry's latest single, "You Put a Spell On Me" accurately depicts her true creativity as an artist, and she's able to connect with listeners on a relatable level.

Wild Berry's vocal delivery is slow and purposeful in "You Put a Spell On Me," which instills a sultry and sensual-like tone. This tone fits in naturally with the narrative of the song, as she ventures along with the story of attraction, lust, and compulsion towards another in a romantic light. Her voice is incredibly soft, gliding along listening ears with ease. Wild Berry's voice contains that authentic sense of harmony which can elicit that goosebump-like experience. She's subtly playful with her vocal range, all while exclaiming intimate and amorous affections with listeners.

The lyrical content of "You Put a Spell On Me" was just as intriguing as Wild Berry's artistic persona, and so it's safe to say that her single was a successful R&B-inspired Neo-Soul song.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Wild Berry, and congratulations on the release of "You Put a Spell On Me." What drove you to write this single?

“You Put a Spell On Me “ was a pure vibe from the beat, I heard the beat it had so much soul in it I got chills.

Was there a certain individual within your personal life that inspired the lyrical content of your song?

Yes, I had this experience where it felt like magic, like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, a connection like no other. So I wrote this song expressing those feelings.

How do you feel "You Put a Spell On Me" stands out from other modern-day R&B/Neo-Soul releases?

From the sound to the lyrics, It’s full of passion, soul, authentic love, depth, something I haven’t heard in a minute.

Was there a certain atmosphere you were intending to create for your listeners with "You Put a Spell On Me?"

I wanted my listeners to feel their own depth, reminding them of the beautiful feeling of loving someone with every cell of their body. And that everyone can have something like that.

What kind of mood were you hoping was set with this particular single of yours?

Something very romantic, dreamy but yet real. Having already released a few singles, how do you find that "You Put a Spell On Me" compares?

All of my singles have their own moods, they are all unique and tell their own stories, so really there’s no comparison.

What's next for you?

I’m dropping a video for “You Put a Spell On Me “ in a couple of weeks, next I will drop my first EP. and the plan is to drop a new song every couple of months, and music videos. And keep making great music and inspire my audience.


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