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Willow Raye Lets Her Lyrics Ring in her New Single "Never Call You Again"

Magnetic Pop artist, Willow Raye gives listeners another piece of her in her latest single, “Never Call You Again.”

This Los Angeles based artist and songwriter is vastly known for her signature sultry electronic sound that provides a harmonious accompaniment to her female-forward lyrics and deeply emotional lyrics. As music is always at the forefront of her mind, Willow Raye strives to serve as a role model for young women everywhere.

Willow Raye creates an accessible persona that encourages listeners to remain curious and explore their true selves. The confidence that she carries is taking her quite far as her name is continuously popping up internationally. Back with another passion driven single, Willow Raye shares “Never Call You Again,” with fans worldwide.

“Never Call You Again,” immediately pulls you into its warm embrace with striking acoustic sounds that set a slow paced tempo for this powerhouse of a record. Willow Raye emits heavenly vocals that pair with this instrumentation like a fine wine. The reverberated vocalization of each word penned gracefully eases you into a soul filled utopia that depicts a story of exploring the many highs and lows that come from romantic relationships. The captivating performance delivered by Willow Raye exudes an empowering energy drizzled conveyance dipped in fierce determination.

With this song clocking in at two minutes, you can’t help but to put “Never Call You Again,” on repeat to capture the complete essence of everything Willow Raye has to offer. As she pours her heart into this wistful composition, the memorable hook “I’m never gonna call you again, f***** up no need to pretend,” dances in your mind long after the record is over.

Willow Raye has a certain way of executing her content with real-life experiences that bring self-assurance and liberation to her listeners. This stands especially true with “Never Call You Again,” as she hits it out of the park bringing an uplifting essence to the world around her.


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