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Wisdumb Lyrical Ability Is Out Of Control In “West Virginia”

Wisdumb is an indie rap artist aka Giovanni Quattrochi. Gio grew up in the upper west side of Manhattan and was introduced to hip-hop at the age of 4, listening to the soundtrack of 8-Mile by Eminem on his walkman. He began competing in slam poetry competitions all around NYC. Wisdumb takes influence from Eminem and other rappers like MF DOOM, who perform under the name of a fictional persona. But the biggest personal influence happens to be Kanye West! Specifically his ability to juxtapose complex, sensitive subject matter with popular music and culture.

Wisdumb released his single titled West Virginia” and we loved the unique elements that this song possesses. Instead of your typical trap turn upbeat, the beat had a western country appeal to it, thanks to the acoustics from the guitar. This folk-like sound fuses with the hip-hop beat to add a nice personality and charismatic approach to the song! The flow was insane and the articulation of each punchline reminded me of the delivery of Eminem. Very solid, aggressive and bold. Wisdumb is a artist you can’t help but find yourself mesmerized by. The melody in “West Virginia” was lovely. I completely enjoyed the tune and the arrangement of the vocals. This record was executed with a polished punch. If you tune yourself in with the lyrical arrangement, you will find how the lyrics are indeed very subjective to a sense where it provokes thinking. Wisdumb is a talented artist that aims to provide “turn up” music while discussing serious matters that range from health, addiction and other stigmatized subjects.

Listen to "West Virginia" here and connect with Wisdumb below on social media!

Connect with Wisdumb on social media:

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