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With A Story To Tell And A Voice To Be Heard, LOGAN Releases “Think About it”

LOGAN was born and raised on the west coast and has been making music ever since he could remember. However, when he was younger he endured a roadblock in the way of his dreams which included drugs and a negative lifestyle. Unfortunate events has transpired in his life which included the tragedy passing of his mother to terminal cancer. The loss of his mother took a heavy toll on LOGAN and put him in a dark place in his life which included depression and suicidal thoughts. One day, he had a conversation between himself and God in which he asked “Before I go, let me help some people.” he booked a flight ticket to Los Angeles the next day and has recorded over 20 songs and 2 music videos in the span of 1 month taking the ultimate leap of faith. His story is definitely one for the books, and this incredible artist has more of that to come from but for now, he’s letting “Think About It” tell the story for him.

“Think About It” was everything and more! There’s so many components of this song in which attracted us and transformed it into a hit for us! Starting with the beat, it had a more laid-back and chilled vibe with elements of aggressive trap lightly treading the track. The lyrics to “Think About It” stood out the most in our opinion. Not only were they personable to LOGAN but he had punchlines and witty verses in which showcased his whimsical and charismatic nature in his personality. The lyrics had unique metaphors while still possessing a sense of authentic realness behind it. LOGAN has a rap voice we haven’t heard prior to listening to this record. It’s abundantly distinguishable from other rappers, but who would want to sound like somebody else? The moment you hear LOGAN voice you can already detect who the rapper is and that’s a brilliant asset to have to your artistry! LOGAN also delivered a nice visual to go alongside the video with graphic art subtly being possessed in the background, motorcycles, good friends, and a fresh fit. We’re rooting for LOGAN and we know his passion can’t be taken from him alongside his raw talent.

Check out "Think About It". Read more with LOGAN in our interview below!

You had an incredible story to share with us, do you ever find any challenges channeling your personal life experiences/feelings into your music?

Yes I do my life experiences have been pretty crazy along with my energy sometimes it can get complicated but what makes it easier for me to channel all these emotions is realizing that I am not the only one going through the situations I go through. I aspire to be a voice for the people that are not strong enough yet to speak for themselves. My vision is to shine light on the darkness that people go through with the everyday struggles just to survive. My goal is to try to bring the best out of people and to help them find there gift supporting one another its a contagious thing that is why I make music.

Tell us about “Think About it” and the meaning behind it?

I wrote the song Think About It because you always have a choice when you make a decision. A lot of the time we as humans make a lot of bad choices and if we just took a breath and thought about it for a second a lot of those bad choices could be reversed. One bad decision can change your life forever Think About It make the right one.

What inspired you to write “Think About It” ?

What inspired me to right the song was not worrying about other peoples opinions when you make a life decision if its not for your best interest Think About It, analyze it and go with your gut feeling.

How does “Think About It” differentiate itself from your other releases?

Its probably the hardest most versatile song I have ever wrote it doesnt just address one thing. The song brings out the rough rugged texture of me but also a little charisma which as time goes along people will get to know thats who I am.

What’s next for you on your personal journey?

Whats next for me is to start performing like a mad man that's when I know I will truly get to shine. When people can see the goofiness, happiness, joy, motivation and inspiration that I have to bring that's when I will shine. That's whats next for me to reveal me to the world, Logan. 


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