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With A Voice To Be Heard, Geri D’ Fyniz Releases “Black Labels”

Geri D’ Fyniz, the American music artist, entrepreneur, songwriter, and producer from Chicago Illinois, was born as the youngest to a former print model/cosmetologist, and street hustler, which allowed Geri to embrace different versions of grind and ownership. This led to the foundation of Geri’s own, D'Fyniz Enterprises, LLC with a main agenda of creating content that encourages empowerment as a daily lifestyle for Black people. This is the anthem to make the "Buy Black" experience a Luxury instead of a last resort. With a troubling current society moving in a pace of white supremacy, Geri’s mission is is to embolden freedom fighting warriors committed to ending this oppression for good while delivering Hip Hop in its truest form.

Geri D’ Fyniz released his single titled “Black Labels” the hard-hitting, thought-provoking single with an aggressive beat and energetic delivery.  What’s super cool about Geri D’fyniz artistry is the fact how he represents the socially awake and the consciously opened activists who are fighting against the oppression in society and also promoting the change and positivity within their communities and culture. However, Geri doesn’t shy away from creating a stylistic flare to the approach. His music is still appealing and trendy. “Black Labels” has a strong lyrical presence that I believe the community can intake and embrace, while smacking a dope beat and strong delivery to make the song playable and enjoyable. The ending of “Black Labels” transitions out with “No permission to support your own, just do it” and what I loved about this phrase was how it correctly represents the enterprise of Geri D’ Fyniz. Without having to know who Geri is, you receive the tycoon energy from the record. This is a great indicator that Geri knows how to show his personality, character, and artistry within his music. Therefore, his listener can’t help but create an idea on the type of person Geri D’Fyniz is, which is great.

Be sure to listen to Geri's "Black Labels" here, as well as check out the artists interview below!


How difficult was it for you to open your own enterprise? What are some obstacles you've faced and how did you overcome them?

I'm not sure difficult would be the word I would use to describe it. I've always been an entrepreneur by nature so I've had numerous undocumented hustles that helped make ends meet in between and while employed. The word I would use is challenging. It's extremely challenging to have willpower and make up your mind that you want to invest in yourself and for your future. This challenge is further assisted by every possible thing you like tugging at your wallet on payday. I made up my mind at an early age that I wanted success and I told myself that I would do whatever I needed to secure it. I also make sure to live off of a budget and this frame of thinking has been transferred to my business D'Fyniz Enterprises, LLC. The main motto that I live by is having patience. Life is a marathon and not a sprint, so I just trust the process while working smart.   

How has your personal life encounters, challenges, and experiences impacted your style and artistry in music today?

 I am a father of 3 little black children, so it's my responsibility to make music that not only empowers them, but other children as well. My children have been the driving force in my hustle because I've always wanted them to have a better life than I had growing up. I also want them to be aware of the wretched Global system of White Supremacy that we live in. So in everything I do, I want to make sure my legacy of empowerment trickles down to all of my descendants and their offspring. Plus my children are my little A&Rs and Hype Men. They let me know when they like a beat, hook, or song. I've ultimately learned that if I can explain my music and mission to children under 7 then I can explain it to anyone. 

Tell us about "Black Labels" and how you're able to relate to it?

 I don't think of myself as a "Conscious Artist" because that title can be somewhat vague. I also don't feel like having knowledge of self or being "woke" means you have to just be all about reading, lectures, protests, etc. That's why I always say that I make "Black Empowerment Music". With that said, Black Empowerment should be treated as a lifestyle and not just an event. With Black Labels, I wanted to take something as simple as shopping and show people that may not consider themselves "Woke" or "Pro Black" that they can be about Black Empowerment without even labeling themselves as an activist. I also wanted to have fun on a record while still delivering my brand of music in an unapologetic fashion. I hear so many rappers talking about what they wear and the lifestyle they live and I wanted to do the same thing in my own way.  

Despite music, have you ever looked into activism considering you have a strong socially awake presence to you?

To follow up what I said before, I wanted to make Black Empowerment more of lifestyle instead of an event. Years ago I participated in "Stop The Violence" marches and other types of protests, but I noticed that after the event is over in most cases the energy leaves. I've even noticed in recent years following the murders of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown that a lot of these "Movements" are co-opted and infused with confusion to the point that the initial thing that the movement was for gets pushed to the back. However, I plan on using my influence to build with other like minded people who want to continue making Black Empowerment a lifestyle through tangible things. At this point in the USA, Black people don't have anyone we can run to. The same cycle of protesting after we are harmed just to then forget about it and then repeat is a dead end. One of the main things Black people need to do is aggregate our resources and practice Group Economics. I don't just preach that, I practice it as well and that's something I definitely wanted to display with all of my music. In the future, I will start a non profit organization to continue spreading empowerment around the world. 

What's next for you Geri?

Next up, I will be releasing the Official video for Black Labels in the next few months. Later this year, I will be releasing the second installment of my The Black C.O.D.E Street Album. This single is the 2nd single off of that project. I'm also am looking forward to collaborating with other dope like minded artists all over the world. 


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