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With His Full Album Dropping Soon, Stay On The Lookout For Conrad Jon

The talented Conrad Jon is an ambitious artist from Indiana. He completed an audio production degree and moved to Los Angeles in November 2018. Conrad has been committed to working on his upcoming debut album “Breakfast For Dinner”. The first single off this much anticipated album is “Get To Know U”. Kudos to Conrad because it’s an absolute banger! Conrad Jon has a very unique sound. I can picture late night summer drives with the windows down, bumping “Get To Know U”. The music video shows Conrad’s quirky side while he expertly recites polished verses. His flow and style remind me of Lil Dicky and Mac Miller, but Conrad Jon is too talented to be compared. “Get To Know U” highlights Conrad’s expansive knowledge in audio production. It’s modern hip-hop at it’s finest and the best part is the meaning behind the song. “Get To Know U” is about turning the struggles we face in life into learning experiences and focusing on ourselves, not looking for that lesson in other people. “Everyday I try to be the best me” is a lyric that stands out throughout this track because of it's important message. Talking about ones struggle and turning it into something inspiring is a topic that isn’t praised enough and self-love is commonly difficult to be vulnerable about but bravo, Conrad Jon. A great indication to what we can expect from his debut album “Breakfast For Dinner”. Stay on the lookout for Conrad Jon.

Check out "Get To Know U" below. Read more in our interview with Conrad Jon!

Hi Conrad, it's great to talk with you! How did the writing process begin for “Get To Know U”?

The writing process for "Get To Know U" honestly came after I tripped on shrooms by myself, and I realized that we often "get to know ourselves" though other people, rather than actually taking a step back and looking at truly motivates and generates happiness for ourselves. At the same time I was going through a break up with a girl who honestly just complained to keep the conversation going and so I played on that theme as well because I feel they both fit hand in hand. She was complaining more to get a reaction from instead of finding a way herself to solve the problem, hence "Get To Know U".

Who are your musical inspirations?

My biggest musical inspirations are Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert, Mac Miller and Childish Gambino.

Tell us the meaning behind your new song “Get To Know U”.?

Pretty much answered that in question #1.. but it's about getting to know yourself through your own personal experiences rather than liking something because somebody else likes it (aka "staying true to yourself.")

When can we expect you to drop “Breakfast For Dinner”?

"Breakfast For Dinner" is dropping on Good Friday (4/19) on all streaming platforms.


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