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Wolfgang Harte's "Old Bird" Will Leave You Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve

We all have our “why” and the motive behind pursuing our dreams and hobbies. The discovery of what you’re passionate about could be life changing. For Wolfgang Harte, his true discovery for music happened after an unfortunate life event. Wolfgang Harte’s decision to return to writing and performing music came in the wake of losing his mother in 2017. His song-writing provided a channel for his grief and helped him tackle the issues of life, death and family that exploded all around him during that period. He channeled the life triumph into a unique sound that is born of dark, personal lyrics and driving, euphoric soundscapes which capture the volatile atmosphere in which the songs were written.

You would expect Wolfgang Harte to release a song that’s full of anger with an aggressive approach. However, here we are, presenting the complete opposite and shocking your expectations with his stunning emotional conviction and fiery passion in his record “Old Bird”.

Wolfgang Harte has this tone in “Old Bird” that just absolutely touches you. The first note he sings you instantly become drawn to the lyrics and what he has to say. The voice is gritted with tons of rasp yet delivered with powerful sentiments and you can’t help but adore that. “Old Bird” has a hazy and progressive backtrack instrumental that creates the image of fog smoke, and replenishing emotions. You feel more refreshed from listening to this cleansing record. Wolfgang Harte has a story to tell. He has a message to give. He shows us all these traits in a soft introduction with a foghorn projection as the song climaxes. A riveting melody you will surely remember!

Listen to "Old Bird" here and get to know more about Wolfgang Harte below!

You’re very brave and strong for sharing your story of the loss of your Mother. How were you able to overcome this and drive your strength into your music?

I appreciate you saying that. I’m very lucky to come from a big, close family. My brother and sisters, my Dad and I, really stuck together during that time and I think without that, I would have been lost. My little sister and I were the last two left at home as kids, and in the end, we were the last two to leave the house after my mum Died and I’ll always remember how much that meant to me having that time with her there. 

Also, my good friend Harry Koisser. He was driving up and down from London to see me at a moment’s notice and, trying to get me off the bender I’d fallen into, he took me to walk up the Malvern Hill’s one day, a place where my Mum used to take me and my sister as kids. It was a totally surreal moment in that period but stands out now as special memory from that period and I thank him for that also. And My fucking Brother, no words. We cried together and went through hell together.  When I eventually came back to London, writing songs was the only thing that helped keep me from the more destructive ways of dealing with grief and I soon released that the focus and lyrical exploration of writing songs was my best coping mechanism so in a sense, it wasn’t a decision to channel my energy into writing songs, more a compulsion.

“Old Bird” is BEAUTIFUL. What inspired you to write this?

Of all the songs I’ve written, Old Bird is the one that’s probably the best example of what people mean when they talk about writing from the subconscious. One afternoon while I was back at home I started messing around on the bass guitar she had bought for me as a teenager. The lyrics came out as a flood without me having to think at all. Over the time I remained at home, I played the song over and over and it really helped me escape everything that was going on and I guess process things on some level.

If you could mentally place yourself in any setting for “Old Bird” what’s the environment you have in mind?

Whenever I hear this song, I always think about being back at home with my family, everyone dancing in the kitchen and out in the garden. My Mum loved music and introduced me to all of the artists that went on to influence my own music, and when she was well, she loved dancing and having parties in the house. That’s the way I like to remember her best, as the life and soul of the party dancing to Van Morrison with the doors and windows open and all the lights on.

How excited are you to perform at the Water Rats in London this April? Can we expect “Old Bird” to be a song of choice?

Yeah I can’t fucking wait. I did a handful of full band shows last year with a group of friends all involved in different projects who helped me debut the songs I’d written live. Since then, I’ve been playing solo shows, as It’s been tough to find available players, so I’m really looking forward to getting back on stage with a band and delivering the songs in full force. Old Bird is always/ will always be on the set list.

Do you have any news you'd like to share with us? What can we expect from you in the coming months?

After doing those first shows last year and recording some initial demos, I wasn’t really sure how to proceed and I had so much going on mentally as I continued grieving, as well as new considerations like being in a new relationship and moving house. Towards the end of last year though, things became clear in my mind and I realized that making and playing music is what I need to be doing at all costs. I have a debut single coming out on April 12th, my Mum’s birthday, and will be playing as man solo ad full-band shows as a I can along with more releases over the year. So hopefully, we’ll talk again.


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