Working Hard for a Cheque, MixTapper Drops "Direct Deposit"

Performing under the stage name MixTapper, Jordan Francis is a recording artist reigning from Brampton, Ontario. Affiliated with the Brampton-native collective MADE2EAT,” MixTapper has been releasing music professionally since 2018 while also flexing his talents to the realm of filming and editing his music videos.

Fresh off the release of his latest single, “Direct Deposit,” MixTapper reveals a statement piece in this energetic hit. Being his first release of 2021, he touches on the growing theme of artists and creators being paid their fair share for the work that they put into their craft.

Swaying in his signature realm of old-school Hip-hop elements fusing with the new aged flows heard in this era of rhymes, MixTapper performs with a snarl in his tone as he stands his ground in reiterating his prominent messaging. With the production being handled by Brampton-native producer PxKU, the instrumentation has you fully immersed in a sea of weighty 808’s.

You feel the sense of determination amplified through the hard-hitting cadences and bellicose rhyme schemes that effortlessly drip from MixTapper’s magnetism. “Direct Deposit” captures MixTapper in an illuminating light that brilliantly glows through his perseverance showcased.

Allowing his musical creations to be placed front and center on the podium as they loudly speak for themselves, MixTapper speaks to his fan base, fellow creatives, and most importantly, himself on this record. Knowing his worth, MixTapper is an artist that you should be on the lookout for as he continues to flaunt his worth to those questioning it.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, MixTapper, and congratulations on the release of, “Direct Deposit.” At what moment did you know that this track would be your first release of 2021? What made you make that decision?

My engineer MS (@mixedbyms) mixes and masters all of my music, so we always have discussions regarding rollout and planning. From what I had ready to release, we both agreed that “Direct Deposit” would set the tone for 2021. Its energy is just unmatched - aggressive yet precise. Definitely one of my personal favorites so far.

Touching on the thesis of “Direct Deposit,” what are some ways that people in the industry can be more accommodating to artists and creatives when showing the respect that they deserve?

For starters, the industry itself could pay the creators more. It’s 2021, and we still don’t know what the actual dollar value of a stream is - every DSP (Digital Service Provider) pays different rates. One million streams on Apple Music don’t equate to the same dollar amount on Spotify or Tidal. In terms of the people within the industry, tastemakers need to respect the creator. Just because you don’t like someone’s music doesn’t mean they’re not deserving or capable of building a dedicated fanbase. That kid is putting his own money up to mix and master his songs; imagine what he could do when shifted into a position with more resources.

Could you please take us into the creative process that shaped “Direct Deposit?" What were the vibes like in the studio?

I recorded the record in July 2020. PxKU is always sending me instrumentals to work with, so I recorded a demo at home to the beat. The song wasn’t where I wanted it to be sonically, so it sat on my computer for the remainder of the summer. It wouldn’t be until PxKU sent me another unrelated beat where I decided to blend it with “Direct Deposit.” This made me enjoy the record much more than the demo since it didn’t sound like the same instrumental looping itself for 3 minutes.

What is the main message that you send out to your listeners as an artist?

Invest in yourself; I can’t stress that enough, man. It’s easy nowadays for someone to wake up and be a rapper, podcaster, or anything in media because the tools are accessible. What’s going to separate you from everyone else is the quality of the final product. Nobody cares that you did all the production and mixing yourself if it’s poor quality. Be serious enough to pay someone else to perform what you need (single artwork, production, etc.). That way, you can spend more time perfecting your strengths.