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World Alternative Music Highlights The Best Indie Acts Of The Philippines

When it comes to artistic diversity, World Alternative Music never fails to impress us. Having released several compilation albums, ranging from Canadian artists to hip-hop acts, we're thrilled to share the newest project that gathers the best independent Filipino bands in today's modern music scene.

The new Philippines compilation album bursts open with track number one, "IKAW," introducing listeners to the punk rock/alternative stylings of The Encore. Without wasting a single second, the band smashes through the speakers with uplifting yet gritty melodies that pack a ton of emotion with each transition. It's a rich blend of punky, alternative vibes infused with rich harmonies to create a truly impactful, memorable listening experience.

The Encore continues this theme with track number two, "Maghihintay Na Lang." This song sinks deeper into emotional alternative with a dash of punk. It's a more introspective and personal song that perfectly contrasts the uplifting feel of the track prior. This tune feels like the sweet ending of a coming-of-age movie, where you realize that everything you need is in front of you all along. It's refreshing, soothing, and loaded with ear-worm melodies.

On the album's third track, we meet the post-grunge/alternative 4-piece Fifteen Minutes Later with their tune, "Run." From the jump, this piece serenades the soul with lush acoustic guitars layered over sweet electric strokes, paired with the lead vocalist's rich and velvety vocals. It's a truly emotional song that pulls on every heartstring with relatable scenes of love and loss. Fifteen Minutes Later does an incredible job portraying such hardship through their undeniable musical talent.

The band ups the energy and power in track number four, "The Road Less Travelled," kicking off with a feel-good alternative rock introduction that leads into the sweet-sounding verse. This song feels like a breath of fresh air, traveling off the beaten path and realizing where you truly belong. Fifteen Minutes Later perfectly highlights the essence of feeling lost in life and finally finding a place you can call home, be it a place or a person.

Next up is the dreamy and diverse stylings of the pop/punk trio Perfect Average with their track "Sweet Angel." From the get-go, we can already tell that Perfect Average is a force to be reckoned with. Their ability to portray a classic pop/punk sound while molding it to be entirely their own is impressive. And the song's energy, emotion, and passion are unmatched. It's a truly impactful, enjoyable song that'll leave you locked in until the very last beat.

The passion continues with Perfect Average's second track and the album's sixth, "Wish You'll Be Mine." We can't help but hear similarities to an early blink-182 through the band's emotion-packed vocals and dynamic instrumentals that clutch the soul. Their ability to portray such relatable emotions in this unique way is truly remarkable. If these two songs are anything like the rest of Perfect Average's discography, we wouldn't expect anything less than greatness for their future.

Sending us into an eclectic alternative daydream is singer-songwriter and indie musician Fir Street with his hit, "Tinatangi," opening with a refreshing sonic sweet escape with lush keys, tender electric guitar melodies, and warm percussion to heat up the background. His vocals are sonically delicious and gentle, serenading the soul with each melody. It's a truly stunning, dynamic song that perfectly showcases Fir Street's creative talent.

Peeping through the "Telescope" on track number eight, Fir Street dives into an even dreamier, spacious, sci-fi-esque sound straight from the future. His unique electronic sound is a staple in his discography, and this song is a prime example of Fir Street's passion for diverse electronic production. The female vocalist beautifully serenades us while dancing over Fir Street's stunning sounds, closing the song on a beautiful, dreamy note.

Here's another independent artist that's soon to be on your radar. Making his way to our speakers in track number nine, "Watawat," is JyEL Tagbo, showcasing his solo musical prowess with ease. With compact guitar riffs and his soothing, raspy vocals, JyEL Tagbo brings listeners deep into his unique creative stylings. It's a rich alternative rock song, sort of reminiscent of the Foo Fighters, and incredibly memorable, playing in your mind for hours on end.

Before we know it, JyEL Tagbo turns up the heat and intensity in track number ten, "Pakisara Ang Kabaong Ko." He kicks off the tune with heavy, tightly wound rock instrumentals that ooze in anticipation for the emotion-packed hook. With added energy and passion, JyEL Tagbo delivers an incredibly raw performance that demands our attention from top to bottom. In other words, he makes it easy to understand why he's such a force in the Philippines indie music scene.

Switching things up is the 2-piece duo A Band On All Hope with their track, "Artificial Intelligence." While the song kicks off with a tight and exciting alternative rock atmosphere, it quickly expands in energy and passion on the hook. The vocalist brings to light a topic that's quickly gaining relevance in today's society: artificial intelligence and its ability to make us feel inhuman. Yet, the band uses it in a different context, one that's truly thought-provoking and stimulating.

Channeling their inner electronic influences on track number twelve is A Band On All Hope with "Bumuo Tayo." While the song opens on more of a rock-oriented note, the band quickly transitions into a sparkling and uplifting electronic atmosphere, reminiscent of 8-bit sounds and arcade games. It's an exciting and energetic track that perfectly showcases the band's artistic versatility, spanning from alternative rock to dreamy electronic and everything in between.

Here's a switch we didn't know we needed. The folk-to-funk 4-piece Kiss Puppy brings us their best in the album's thirteenth track, "Holy Girl." It instantly grabs our attention with sultry, seductive vibes that ooze sex appeal. It's a rhythmic, groovy, funk-infused tune that leaves chills running up the spine, thanks to the sweet vocals, thumping bass licks, and undeniable groove that locks in our attention until the very last beat. Its heavy rock transitions take the song to a whole new, stimulating level.

If you're looking to heal your wounds through music, take a listen to the album's fourteenth track, "Idolo" by the 5-piece band Playground. The band is on a mission to provide inspiration and healing to listeners, and this song is no exception. With meaningful lyrics, chilling alternative rock instrumentals, and punchy transitions brimming with energy, Playground provides everything we need to lock in, let loose, and dance the night away. It's a dynamic, cheerful tune that'll keep a smile on your face.

Playground slows things down a bit in track number fifteen, "Hangang Kailan." Opening with tender acoustic guitar melodies layered over more acoustic picking. We gradually lean into the lush verse with stunning vocals and soft background pads for added emotion. This beautiful song hits in all the right places, soothing the mind, body, and soul with relatable emotion, beautiful instrumentals, and vocals that'll send chills throughout the body. We highly recommend this track for any listener in search of a relatable, expressive song.

It doesn't get much better than a diverse album featuring a slew of talented artists. It's the easiest way to find your new favorite acts. When you're ready to hear the best indie music of the Philippines, hit play on World Alternative Music's Filipino compilation, and consider your musical cravings satisfied. Find the new album on all digital streaming platforms.


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