World Renowned Guitarist Kyle Cook (Matchbox Twenty) Debuts New Song "Wolves"

World renowned guitarist, singer/songwriter and founding member of international award winning band Matchbox Twenty Kyle Cook has released his first individual solo record and newest single titled ‘Wolves’.

Kyle matches intellectual and poignant lyrics with a familiar and acoustic based production to create the moving single of ‘Wolves’. As the songwriter himself states, he describes the song as “appearing late one night on a long bus ride as a piece of poetry set to music that takes stock of dangerous people, dangerous feeling, and dangerous inclinations. As the metaphorical ‘Wolves’ starts to take shape at the top of each stanza, it becomes more clear to me that quite often the ‘wolves’ are ourselves.” This song is poetically artistic and flows in an expressive and interpretive way.

Songwriters have this special talent of really thinking outside of the box and creating songs that aren’t singular planed surface material. It’s genius to create a work of art that has a deeper meaning. Me personally, I love to decode a song and find out the true message behind the really cool figurative lyrics. It’s obvious that Kyle is good at what he does considering the fact that he's sold over 30 million records and received 5 Grammy nominations.

Kyle has a really intriguing tone to his voice, it’s deep but it’s supported with vocal strength and stamina. You also see the full range talent this artist possesses which is really cool. If you watch the video that was released with this song you can tell he created the image that came to mind while writing. The poetic cartoon of the little boy was a really cool way to demonstrate his message he was trying to convey to his listeners. Songs like these are masterful in a way of enabling the listeners thought process cause we are all natural wonders. That curiosity of what this song and the lyrics are discussing is what keeps you attentive! It also helps to enjoy the relaxing and beautiful guitar notes played by the artist himself! Listen to ‘Wolves’ and see if you can interpret the message that was intended for us to interpret!

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