Wrapped in Grace, Zhaklina Places the "Crown" on this Composition

Alternative singer and songwriter Zhaklina conveys her latest four-track EP, '17 Reasons Why II,' in an elegant expression of her mind. Originally from the Hudson Valley in New York, where she was born and lived for much of her life, alternative artist Zhaklina reigns from Nashville, Tennessee. Zhaklina is a creative artist and storyteller all in one adoring package. Creating a safe space for her listeners to feel heard and seen, she advocates for mental health through much of her work, donating portions of her profit from music to various mental health organizations.

Focusing on the second desire-driven record, "Crown," Zhaklina expresses a unique power and sensitivity, drawing listeners into both an emotional and inspiring experience.

"Crown" is a prominent ballad that carries the elusive and prevailing components of everything that Zhaklina encompasses. The chilling piano keys being played give a simplistic and sophisticated take on the instrumentation allowing Zhakilna's vocals to act as a centerpiece on this decadent masterpiece. The resonant sound of her vocals graces the speakers as they give you goosebumps while we dive deeper into the manner she showcases her wide vocal range accompanied by heartfelt lyrics.

"Crown" is a song developed from a wistful place of mystery and love combined. Zhaklina's storytelling allows us to see into this place that her mind lives where she reminisces on a time where what she had to offer was received as not enough from the person she wanted to stay in her life. "I'm tired of losing love," can be heard repeatedly as we feel for the sorrow her performance delivers to us all. She pulls us into a nostalgic headspace as we hold onto each passionate word that she embodies. Zhaklina wants us to know that if we live from a place of knowing that we're loved, we could change the world - one heartbeat at a time.